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Paro Airport (VQPR) Remake and Nearby Landmarks

* Please DELETE the previous version before installing a new version to avoid problems due to BREAKING CHANGES* Now the navdata and the scenery have been separated. Just delete the file "navdata-vqpr.bgl" if you have subscribed 3rd party global navdata from vendors like Navigraph...


* Please DELETE the previous version before installing a new version to avoid problems due to BREAKING CHANGES*

Now the navdata and the scenery have been separated. Just delete the file "navdata-vqpr.bgl" if you have subscribed 3rd party global navdata from vendors like Navigraph to prevent conflicts.

If you have bought the GSX Pro payware addon, you may also want to download the corresponding Profile by JR1705.

Known issues:

  • Some of the terminal buildings on the apron looks "floated" as I made the whole airport inclined, but I have no good method to solve it at this moment.
  • It is reported that the stock Paro Airport could not be modded for a few of players with Steam version

The stock Paro Airport is nicely crafted, but the apron layout is not update, and the parkings are classified as RAMP_GA_MEDIUM, which means that certain types of ground handling vehicles needed for jetliners are missing. I feel no good after I've completed the "flying an Airbus like a bush pilot" landing.

With this addon, the runway, apron and taxiway layout of Paro Airport has been revised to be up-to-date. Taxiway names are assigned according to information from Bhutan AIP, and most of the parkings have been changed to RAMP_GA_LARGE so now you can call for Boarding Ramp and Large Pushback there. You can now taxi on the parallel taxiway (Taxiway T) safely with an A320. The runway IRL is sloped with gradient as much as 0.8%, while runway 15 is sloped downward and runway 33 is sloped upward, resulting in height difference as much as 16M bewteen the thresholds. The portrait of the Royal Family of Bhutan at the apron has also been replaced with the current one.

The approaches have also replaced to become circle-to-land procedures, which are independent of the runway used on final. You are recommended to use the development version if you are flying with A32NX as it now supports automatic holdings and all the RNAV procedures include compulsory holding for some of the transitions.

From the AIP of Bhutan, these two points about Paro Airport are specified:

  • Entry/Exit into circuit area is via Chhuzom (confluence of rivers Paro Thimphu)
  • Avoid flying over dzongs, monastery or temples

In addition to modding the stock Paro Airport, certain helper POIs including the important pattern checkpoints and the religious buildings along Paro Valley are also added, which are helpful for those who want to try a full flight to/from Paro Airport, rather than just playing with the Paro Landing Challenge (but passing the challenge with a score of 'B' is essential before a full flight). In fact most of these buildings are located on hillsides so it is not likely to fly over them directly. The largest one among them is the Rinpung Dzong (also called Paro Dzong), which is already handcrafted in stock scenery and you should see it clearly. In additional, I've also placed a POI on Mr. Smith's House, which is the "visual target" for approaching runway 15.

For longer flights into Paro, it is often to have a stop at Guwahati or Bagdogra Airport to confirm the weather at Paro before heading for it. I hope this mod would help you to get familiar with the landscape nearby.

A detailed tutorial about the full procedures is attached in the zip file as PDF. Have a look on the video from Just Planes for the complete procedure:

There is another channel on YouTube with plenty of real world video for operating in or out of Paro, by a Captain at Bhutan Airlines:

*The procedures above are practiced for simulations ONLY. DO NOT TRY THIS IN REAL LIFE. Dedicated rating is required for flying into Paro in fact*

My Bhutan scenery series:

Welcome to subscribe my channels for MSFS live game-play:

This is the dedicated playlist for the past MSFS live game-play sessions into Paro Airport:

Bhutan Thimphu
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Intl. Airports
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  • Updated to version 5.4.4

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72 Reacties

Sorry, can you explain again what to do with the navdata, I don't undertsand. I have navigraph, but I am not sure what file and where it is that I need to delete.

Thank you so much for your continued refinements to this amazing Paro airport, the most challenging approch in MSFS. And now with the added GSX profiles by J1705, it is real cool to watch passengers walking to/from the terminal.

It is the many very good, but why is the runway completely black colors?

This is amazing! Way better than default. One thing I ask is to make the runway marking a bit more realistic. A bit more ware and tear. Like the markings left behind after aircraft have landed. That would be amazing. Other than that, amazing!

Very nice! Pretty much a must have for anyone who wants to enjoy this airport often. This fixes some major problems like the fence too close to the taxiway. Did you add these modifications on top of Asobo’s handcrafted or did you build it yourself?



2 month(s) ago / Bedankt door kychungdotcom

Finally I got this airport to work on my pc, I figured that since it wont run from inside of the community folder i tried installing it to the Roaming Steam Folder and finally it showed up!

Just like EK6666, said, your scenery doesn't load in the sim. It loads MS default airport. Any ideas?

Should I remove the origin one provided by Microsoft or just put it in commnity folder?

with version 5.2 some place on ground have pink zone bro

The flood lamp post (red & white marked) that is near the taxiway and opposite the carpark seems to hit the wing during taxi. The aircraft needs be turned away from the taxiway center line almost towards the left edge to avoid this. But then there's the carpark floodlight that poses another obstruction. This is with the A320.

Can these be re positioned slightly please? Thank you.

I cant seem to get this to work on my pc, always loved this scenery in FSX/P3d every version wont render and I dont have any special 3rd party mods install for this area

Thank you very much for your beautiful work on Paro.

okay, as you can see here, the main Monastary is in a big hole for me, so i am afraid this addon does not work together with the himalaya MESH 😞

very cool upgrade! The "Paro International" Sign with the Photo is floating in the Air for me... maybe connected to Orbx Himalaya Mesh?

I having trouble using the parallel taxiway with the 320 due to the light poles and the fence, are those really still there IRL? the A320 pretty much will hit everything on the left and right sides of the taxiway on centerline.





Please remove near taxiway parking lot

Thank you very much for this plugin!

Can you remove the trees in front of runway 15 in the next version? Those trees are not realistic and affect the view.

Thanks for this excellent addon! The enclosed tutorial is well written, and along with the POIs I am slowly getting the hang of Paro approaches. A couple of cups of coffee are on the way!

Thanks for the update. I used it in a YouTube video landing of Paro RNAV 15.

Hope you enjoy the flight ! Cheers...simPaul flights

Thanks for the reminder, I was just about to go to Bhutan to land an A320 onto Paro airport 😊

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  • Version 5.4.4 September 21, 2022

    1. Recompiled for SU10
    2. Revised runway halfway sign

  • Version 5.4.3 September 10, 2022

    Runway half-way sign is added

  • Version 5.4.2 August 13, 2022

    1. Revised addon architecture
    2. Lungtenphug Helipad has been removed as I've made another addon which contains the helipads in Bhutan

  • Version 5.4.1 August 11, 2022

    1. Corrected taxiway name assignments
    2. Minor adjustments on ground markings
    3. The stock Paro Airport is specified as a dependency

  • Version 5.4 August 10, 2022

    1. Revised addon architecture
    2. Revised apron and taxiway layouts
    3. Additional taxiway marks
    4. Revised runway material

  • Version 5.3 July 31, 2022

    1. Revised addon architecture
    2. Custom ground markings have been added

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