CJ4 Escadrille 57S French Navy/Army

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#Real-Life Exclusive Drag and Drop
Repaint of F10M 185 , in reality it's a Dassault Falcon 10 Mer of French Navy.
The aircraft is operationnal since 24 january 1983 at Escadrille 57S.

The missions of the 57S squadron are:
additional training for airborne jet fighter pilots
- training and periodic testing of the proficiency of fighter pilots for flight without visibility (VSV)
- liaison of the Chief of the Naval Staff regional support
- the Falcon 10 Mer is likely to participate in research missions at sea (SAR)

The 57S squadron is armed with five Falcon 10 Mer. It is a twin-jet equipped with a "Garret" type engine of 1.46 tonnes of thrust each, and capable of carrying up to seven passengers.

The 57 S squadron is located at the Landivisiau naval air base since September 1, 1981.
It has a command building and a technical hangar.

Marine text will appear mirrored on right engine due to Asobo decision to mirror engines texture.

Have a good flight and remember "A la chasse Bordel !!!!"

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