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Version 3.5.33
Eerste release February 19, 2021
Laatst Geupdate May 18, 2021
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Before you rate this app low, please consider the fact that there's a human being behind it, who has worked hard & for free on it & also take into account that it's a work in progress, therefore bugs may occur & some functions may still be lacking: i'm willing (and actually glad) to fix those issues on request & implement new ideas.

The installation package contains a manual in .pdf format.

“MFS Addon Collector” Automatically extracts, analyze, tests, tags & updates your & Asobo's addon collection including airports, aircraft, sceneries, liveries, bush trips & flight plans, dividing them into meaningful categories based on their types, features, location, developer, creation date, version, relevant tags, source archive, problematic issues etc, associating them in numerous usable ways, testing if they don't prevent the simulator from loading, link the ones you select to the simulator, track your flights around them & automatically compose the shortest flight plans between their locations. For easy accessibility the information is tagged & categorised on a hierarchical tree view, and presented either as thumbnailed information blocks list, as editable, sortable, searchable, multi-filtered grid, as a simple edit form & as pins, tacks, buttons, location symbols & a dynamic aircraft icons on a map.


To install (or uninstall) the application, just execute its installer & follow the instructions (The installer may ask you to install dot net 4.8 framework, which is included in your download package); On first execution, the app searches for your addons library folder (though you can provide it yourself), and starts dynamically tracking, organizing, extracting & converting on the fly, existing & future added addons & archives: The app would automatically identify & extract zip, rar, tar, gzip & 7z addon archives you add to your library (or drag & drop into the app’s window), adding it to your collection & updating old versions by new ones; Also kml, kmz & fpl files added are automatically converted into Microsoft flight plan (pln) format, so you can use them from within the simulator. Finally, When you go on a flight, the Collector would dynamically track your path on the same map it displays your addons; Letting you navigate the map, choose your zoom level & select the map style (Out of 35 available styles).

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  • Version 3.5.33 May 18, 2021

    FEATURE: Collect tags from archive titles, even when they are attached in post tag processing phase
    FEATURE: Prevent tagging ICAOs
    FEATURE: Make fictive ICAOs in capital letters as all other ICAOs

  • Version 3.5.32 May 17, 2021

    FEATURE: Unrecognized types with localization information are now recognized as sceneries
    FEATURE: "Issues/Non-Addon archive" tag add to list source folder archives with no addons to extract
    BUG FIX: Ils/Vors became Unrecognized feature while it is recognize

  • Version 3.5.31 May 16, 2021

    FEATURE: "Issues/Unrecognized Type" tag added
    FEATURE: Removed too long tags (from tree tag root), numbers & version numbers and word with too much - or .
    FEATURE: Addons defined as scenery in the manifest but without any localization information would be marked unknow instead of scenery
    BUG FIX: Changing source folder doesn't clear extracted archives references might cause wrong archive references & crashes
    FEATURE: If Source folder had changed, source archives will now be presented with full path
    FEATURE: When the Collector extracts an archive that he found already existing - he would delete it

  • Version 3.5.30 May 15, 2021

    FEATURE: Better identification of archive source of addons inside the source folder
    FEATURE: Dynamic airports identification, taking the probable airport size into account
    FEATURE: ICAO code in extracted folder names are now in capital letters (as titles)
    FEATURE: Many unneccessary and duplicate tag/ root category removed

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