Official Flytampa GSX Pro profile for flyAmsterdam for Microsoft Flight Simulator:

Current version: v1.10 (15JAN24)

Changelog GSX Pro SPL 1.10:

  • GSX Pro Push and Pull function: lot of gates and routes changed according real life gates with push and pull
  • H gates added push and hold routine to vop G71 stand
  • Added taxi line number in pushback or push pull description for ATC convenient
  • Added and changed=< Cat4 into Medium and Cat5 into => Heavy into the description
  • Added FSS 190/195 and the inibuilds A300 placements at AMS
  • Added compatibility drag and drop installer from
  • Removed Schengen in sorting menu GSX
  • More logical and simplified grouping in GSX menu for faster navigation
  • Small tweaks

included in this profile

GSX Pro profile for MSFS 2020 flyAmsterdam:

  • Make sure to have updated GSX Pro to version =>2.9.0(update for push and pull)

The profile consist of two files:

  • eham-flytampa.ini (GSX profile definition)
  • (GSX Python script for complex GSX procedures)

Two methods to use one manual install and a second one via a great drag and drop installer:

  • Method one:
    easy and fast:
  • Method two:
    copy those two files to the following directory:
    Make sure to remove any other GSX profiles *EHAM*.* in the name from that particular directory.

So you end up with only the two files above with eham-flytampa in the name.
What will you get with eham-flytampa profile:

Almost 99.9 % close to real life.

  • logical placement of GSX ground vehicles
  • 100% pushback as in real life with correct stop positions and pushback routes
  • VDGS TS-24 with Simbrief integration
  • agnis papa stands
  • airline companies at the correct gates / stands
  • handling and catering at the gates / stands as per real world
  • custom stop positions per aircraft type at the gates / stands as per real world
  • custom naming terminals (pier) and grouping for better navigation at Schiphol
  • pax routes in terminals
  • pax routes jetways
  • remote deicing which are currently located at P10/P12/P14/P16 at Schiphol
  • G71 is the remote deicing for the H gates (with special pushback routine)
  • wingspan per gates/stands as per real world

Tip: starting at the gate or stand choose via the GSX menu in MSFS reposition aircraft and then reposition at current gate, your aircraft will be placed at the correct stop position at the gate/stand SPL .

Tip: pushback procedure H gates in case of deicing choose no deice at the H gates and choose pushback VOP G71 when arrived finish the push by starting the engines.
Then choose the deicing procedure via the GSX menu. 

Which apron and terminals are done:

  • A: Platform
  • B: Pier
  • C: Pier
  • D: Pier
  • D: Platform
  • E: Pier
  • E: Platform
  • F: Pier
  • G: Pier
  • G: Platform
  • H: Pier
  • J: Platform
  • R: Platform
  • S: Platform
  • P: Deicing platform

The following aprons aren’t done because they are used in real life as buffer overflow stands (so only towing and parking allowed at those stands nothing else) now with push and pull to gate later in a GSX Pro update this profile will be updated when available.

U: Platform M: Platform L: Platform K: General aviation and maintenance stands

In general you will see in the pushback description which direction the aircraft is facing and the taxi line number after pushback and if there are multiple options for =< medium (cat 4) aircraft types and => heavy (cat5)

You will see also VOP which means in Dutch “vliegtuigopstelplaats” translate to “aircraft stand”

To help you with the different aircraft types that visit Schiphol on a regular base see below:

  • CAT1: Do328, EMB120, Saab340. All AIRCRAFT F/T MAX wingspan 24m
  • CAT2: ATR42/72, CRJ100/200, EMB135, Saab 2000
  • CAT3: B737-300 F/T B737-500, BAe146-200/300,CRJ700-900, Q400,EMB145, EMB170 F/T 190, F100
  • CAT4: A318 F/T A321, B737-600 F/T B737-900, B737MAX8 F/T10, CRJ1000, A220-100/300, EMB195 (E2)
  • CAT5: A310-300, B757-200
  • CAT6: A300-600, B757-300, B767-300(ER)
  • CAT7: A330-200/300, A340-300, B767-400, B777-200(ER), B787-8 F/T.10
  • CAT8: A340-600, A350-900/1000, B747-400, B777-200LR/300(ER), A330-900, A330-800
  • CAT9: A380, AN124, B747-8

This file is based on the real world with the help of groundcrew and airman.
Special thanks to Filipe for his invaluable information and knowledge of SPL.
Hope this one will do the beauty from Emilios and Yannis Flytampa Amsterdam justice.

Six more tips to share:

  • Make sure to check weekly via the FSDT installer if there are GSX updates and after running and update choose always the config option and to exclude jetways for 3e party.
  • Before starting, make sure to update GSX to the latest version.
  • Great community and discord server regarding GSX Pro and profiles and tips and tricks make sure to check it out : GSX discord community server
  • Drag and drop installer (
  • Names Schiphol “Platform” is Dutch for Apron and “Pier” for Terminal
  • If you want to avoid all VDGS loading but just the active user aircraft change this line disable_static_docks = 0 to 1 in the eham_flytampa.ini file enabled by default

Enjoy the virtual skies fellow simmers with flyAmsterdam for MSFS
GSX files and programming made by virtualstuff

Older version history:

Changelog GSX Pro SPL 1.09

  • Handlers and Catering companies adjustments
  • D Platform adjustments pushback trucks
  • A Platform added stop positions in the PY file for the Ejet family (FSS 170/175)
  • A Platform adjusted stop positions
  • H Pier Menzies default handler
  • Gate letter also added in description of the GSX Menu
  • Small tweaks

version: v1.07 (10OCT23)

Changelog 1.07 GSX Profile for Flytampa Amsterdam:

  • All gates/stands are adjusted and more tweaked and aligned with the scenery center lines
  • Few stop positions also corrected
  • Catering KLM_White primary at those gates and KL removed
  • Adjusted stop postions for C-Pier and D Pier where missing and added for the PMDG 737-6/7/8/9
  • Manual text added and adjusted for the option item tips added 

release version: v1.05 (8OCT23)