This is my GSX-Profile for ini-builds A320neo. 

This Aircraft profile models services at all doors that are available. 
The positions are as accurate as possible, with the big GSX ULD loader you will see a little clipping, but if you don't look for it, it will not be noticeable. 

Water and lavatory service points are also set, if GSX gets the options I will ensure that they are indeed correct. 

What’s Included?

-> Correct door positions

-> Correct choice of ULD´s and baggage loaders

How to install?

Simply place the folders in the .zip file into %AppData%/virtuali/Airplanes

- If there is no Aircraft folder in Virtuali, you can add one yourself. 

If you want to make livery-specific changes: 
1. copy the gsx.cfg inside the gsx aircraft profile folder. 
2. Rename the new .cfg like this: gsx-[your aircrafts Regitsariuon].cfg
- example: gsx-D-AINK.cfg
3. save your changes, go into MSFS, and open the plane with the livery you want to change.
4. open the GSX aircraft customization window, make and save your changes 

How to report a problem?

If you have a problem with the installation or there is something wrong with the profile, please let me know either here or on our Community Discord. I will make sure to help in any way I can.


If you know more about the ground operations, I am trying to replicate, please let me know so I can improve my work and bring you the best possible profile.


If you´re a Creator or just a Profile User, feel free to join the GSX Creation Community and chat or discuss with other Users or Creators >>>Click Here<<<