GSX Pro NTGI Manihi -  Tuamotu Archipelago


Manihi is a relatively large elongated atoll. Its oval-shaped lagoon measures 27 km in length and 8 km in width, and is ringed by innumerable islets. The lagoon is well-known among snorkelers for its beautiful and diverse marine fauna, including, among other species, the manta ray. There is only one pass to enter the lagoon, located close to the atoll's southern end. It is known as Passe de Tairapa. 14.4585°S 146.0610°W

The chief village is Paeua. Another important village, Turipaoa, is located in the south-western part of the atoll, and is home to about 400 inhabitants. Several of the islands are inhabited, by populations ranging from single individuals to as many as 400.

Manihi Atoll is today home to a great number of pearl farms, and was the site of French Polynesia's first black pearl farm.  There was a five star resort on Manihi, called the Pearl Beach Manihi resort, which has overwater bungalows in the lagoon. This resort closed in late 2012.

There is one airfield on the atoll, inaugurated in 1994: Manihi Airport. It is located close to Turipaoa and is served by the local airline Air Tahiti.



Thank you for downloading my NTGI Manihi -  Tuamotu Archipelago Airport Profile for GSX Pro.  This Profile was created using GIVENCHY987's scenery below: 

NTGI - Manihi Airport

Givenchy987 was kind enough to give me permission to create a GSX Pro Profile for their airport, I hope you enjoy the scenery as well as my mod for GSX Pro.

To install this GSX Pro Airport Profile into your sim all you need is 7-Zip, WinRar, or any type of zip/unzipping software.  Using either 7-Zip or WinRar will decompress the other without any problems.  Once the folder is decompressed you can then copy the .ini FILE inside the GSX Pro NTGI Manihi -  Tuamotu Archipelago Airport Profile Folder named "ntgi-okpgds.ini" into the folder below:


To access this folder on your computer simply hold down your "Win" key whilst pressing the "R" key on your keyboard.  This will bring up a Command Line Run box where you can copy the above underlined text into it.  This will open your GSX Pro folder that stores where your DEFAULT Airport Profiles are kept, that's it!

Restart your sim - if you have it open, and once your Flight Simulator is up and running lookup "Manihi or NTGI" in your search box and choose the airport.  Now you are ready to activate the GSX Pro profile for this airport.

Once again you can find all my GSX Pro profiles for either Aircraft or Airport below (LINK):

PantherConsult GSX Pro Profiles for Aircraft & Scenery

And as usual, please "Comment", "Rate", and "Like" the profile Givenchy987 and I created to bring to you this wonderful and immersive GSX Pro NTGI Manihi Airport Profile.

**** SPECIAL ****

In Cooperation with other MOD Creators on I would like to share a link that SELF-INSTALLS GSX Pro Airport Profiles directly into your "%APPDATA%\Virtuali\GSX\MSFS" Folder. The Application is Called "Drag&Drop Installer for GSX Pro Profiles", this impressive little App will take away any searches or finds that you will have to do to locate the folder necessary to copy your GSX Pro Airport Profiles into.  Created by Elevate Solutions, a collaboration between >>FatGingerHead<< and smatthew. Click >>HERE<< to access the link to the Drag & Drop Installer Application.  Please remember that this application ONLY works for GSX Pro Airport Profiles, NOT Aircrafts created with GSX Pro.

*** NOTE: *** 

One of the things that help with immersion with ALL Simulator Aircraft are the payload settings, for you to get the most PAX on an aircraft when boarding and deboarding you need to set the payload settings in the sim for these aircraft between 30% - 100%.  You can save these settings by pressing "Save" and giving it a name or leaving the default name given to the file generated. If not done, the most you will see boarding and deboarding - in most aircraft that do not have an EFB to allow for Passengers, would be approximately 1 - 4 passengers.  With this setting set to 100% you will get the max PAX payload that the aircraft can accommodate. REMEMBER to do this, or your simulation immersion will be hindered to the lesser load of the aircraft.

I used my GSX Pro  Ground Services ATR 42-600 Aircraft Profile to help create this Airport Profile, remember if you use another aircraft the profile that was created for both parking slots are based on the rear entrances of this aircraft.  All PAX waypoint pathways for both parking slots are based off of the rear door, boarding and deboarding procedures.

**** IMPORTANT ****

When using this profile please make sure that the nose-wheel of the aircraft is always on top of the Parking Slot "Stop Here" line. If the aircraft is not on that line, then re-position the aircraft so that it is. You can do that by using the GSX Main Menu, choose 0 - Reposition aircraft and then choose 1 - Reposition here at current gate. Also, if that does not work you can always start from the runway and reposition the aircraft from there to the Parking Slot you want to relocate your aircraft to.


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