Iceland… the power of nature

Iceland is an extreme territory. An island planted in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, on the limits of Europe and America, on the edge of the Arctic glacial circle. It’s an island at the end of the world and at the end of the habitable.

With landscapes that seem from other worlds, it is presented as Europe's final frontier where you can admire extraordinary phenomena on the European continent. Its approximately 103,000 square kilometers are home to all the natural wonders one can imagine: waterfalls, geysers, volcanoes, glaciers, natural hot springs, and even whale and other native bird watching. Due to its complicated climate and rugged geography, its beauty has remained unaltered for centuries and has survived to the present day.

The immensity of Icelandic nature and its grandeur contrasts with the calm and tranquility of its cities and towns, where even Reykjavik does not exceed 130,000 inhabitants. This, in turn, has made Iceland the ideal country to learn about ancient Viking legends and Nordic traditions, since in its calm populations time seems in many cases to have stopped centuries ago.

Just as the Vikings did centuries ago, Iceland invites you to explore to discover an island of great contrasts between glaciers and volcanoes, and full of natural phenomena such as waterfalls, geysers and natural hot springs that seem to have come from a magician's hat. The country is known as the Land of Ice and Fire.


Iceland… the power of nature #1:

Iceland… the power of nature #2:


Voices and Texts in English, Catalan and Spanish

You will fly with different planes, and have the weather window active so you can experience all the routes at different times and seasons. At the beginning of each leg, the plane is parked and in a Cold & Dark situation. If you want to start the plane quickly, just press the "CTRL + E" keys and activate the lights. You also have a flight plan available with all legs (Iceland_3.pln). I hope you enjoy it!


You have two .rar files available:

  - Iceland3 CAT-ESP-ENG.rar: contains the text and audio files in Catalan (es-ES), Spanish (es-MX) and English

  - Iceland3 ESP-ENG.rar: contains the text and audio files in Spanish (es-ES, es-MX) and English

Once the corresponding file has been downloaded, unzip the file and copy all the folders “ice-iceland-Txx-CAT” and/or “ice-iceland-Txx” and “ice-iceland-T01S” in the "Community" folder of your MSFS.


Note: BushTrip created with BushTripInjector, many thanks to its creator BuffyGC for her support and help, and with LittleNavMap by Alexander Barthel. Spanish/English translations: Google Translator. I also thank the authors of the photographs included in each stage. Music by Musictown from Pixabay.