Visit the San Juan Islands as never before.  Smitty's San Juan Seaplane Bases brings the harbors, docks and seaplane base piers of the San Juan Islands into MSFS based on satelite imagery and any local available photos I was able to find.  Flying into a Seaplane base that isn't modeled is a bit of a letdown, now you have 5 seaplane bases to choose from.  Each seaplane base has runway take off options, but better yet, start at the dock!  There is a dock start position for each base.  

I, personally, have really enjoyed flying the DHC-2 Beaver amphibious included with the 40th Anniversary Edition of MSFS 2020 while building this scenery.  Paired up with Wookie's San Juan Islands pack (link below), the San Juan Islands come to life with even more immersion.  Whether you are flying a commercial or private seaplane flight or enjoying a fixed leg bush style flight around the island, the combined scenery makes both freeware scenery packs better, I hope you will agree.

Included Seaplane Bases:
W33 - Friday Harbor
W49 - Rosario
42W - Deer Harbor
W39 - Roche Harbor
21H - Skyline

Required libraries:

Dave's Seaplane base object library 
Seaplane Asset Library 
Dave's Crooked Library
Mikea's Assetpack
Windy Things Library
Static Boatds 3D Model Library
Moving Boatds 3D Model Library

Highly Recommended: 
San Juan Islands, Washington

Disclaimer: there is one floating boat in wookies scenery that does go right through sky harbor, I cannot change that, I just ignore it for now ;)