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MSFS Aircraft Pinner

Pin your favorite MSFS2020 planes at the top of the list in game. This small utility will scan your aircraft and list them allowing you to select, then 'favorite' them for displaying at the top of your aircraft list in game. No more scrolling through...

Sim Update 12
Eerste release
May 13, 2023
Laatst Geupdate
1 day(s) ago — 1.6.1

Pin your favorite MSFS2020 planes at the top of the list in game.

This tiny .net app scans your MSFS2020 aircraft, then lets you 'pin' favortie aircraft at the top of your MSFS2020 Aircraft List in game.

It works by simply adding a * to the aircraft manufacturer field in the aircraft.cfg, which is how MSFS sorts them by default. To remove an aircraft from favorites it deletes the *. If an aircraft.cfg doesn't exist, it falls back to looking at locPak language files to achieve same effect. You can also add multiple * to aircraft to change the order of favorites.

After initial scan of your aircraft a cache is built for instant loading of the app. You can rescan should you make changes to your aircraft, or update them etc


No more scrolling or forgetting your favorite planes... typing to search in VR was not a great experience.

Enjoy and please 'buy me a coffee' if you like my work.

Dan - Flukester Software



MSFS Aircraft Pinner cannot favorite an aircraft that is encrypted. Instead of a aircraft.cfg or relying on pakloc files for 'manufacturer name' they have .fsarchive files which are not readable .....not all 3rd party store planes are like this however. I'm still gathering the facts about which are and which are not. Asobo premium deluxe planes are not anymore as this then lets developers mod the planes freely.....neither is the Microsoft test plane I puchased. (v35 Bonanza). If anyone knows the answer for sure please give me a yell, I don't really want to puchase more store planes just to find out :-)


Email... bugs, support and comments:  [email protected]

I'm also more than happy to help you out directly via private message here or TeamViewer instant support if stuck. Anyone with a issue has the potential to make the app better for everyone.


MSFS2020 and a 64bit Windows with .net framework 4.7.2 (will run without any other install / files on any modern Windows)


This app is not 'signed' with a certificate so Windows may warn you when running for first time. Click 'More Info' on the smart screen warning and run. It won't ask you again.




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  • Bijgewerkt tot versie 1.6.1

  • Bijgewerkt tot versie 1.6.0

  • Bijgewerkt tot versie 1.5.1

  • Bijgewerkt tot versie 1.5.0

  • Bijgewerkt tot versie 1.4.5

  • Bijgewerkt tot versie 1.4.4

  • Initial File Release

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just updated and it's now not even letting me use this anymore. Windows keeps on quarantine-ing this as it says it contains a virus this time.

Excelent work. Many tks to you!!!!!

Thank you, this is really useful!

Hi all good but now I dont see the md83 and md88 maddogs?? Only the md82 version but were properly installed before, now with your tool I cannt see them, why? Thanks

Great product, well thought out - one small suggestion - how about one consolidated update a week rather than every other day - there's enough stuff to download update with MSFS as it is! Thanks for your work - appreciated, Matt.

Hello... I'm using 1.4.3 but the app can't find the Carenado M20R OVATION within my airplanes. This one is from the marketplace...

Does what it says on the tin, useful.

Bedankt door flukester

Excellent utility!

Only issue I have is that neither the HJet or Vision Jet...both from the marketplace, aren't showing up. Any idea why?

Could you PLEASE package this mod in a format which doesn't trigger the Microsoft Edge antivirus warning every bloody time?

marche bien avec le dossier community mais rien avec le dossier official

Although the search path worked in the previous version, now it cannot be found.

The favorites from the previous version are missing, and Aicraft Manufacturer and Type Role are empty

I cannot get your program to do a thing. I get a blank screen when I press scan. I have the MSFS Store version. I will not leave a rating because, right now it would be zero and that's not fair!

Bedankt door flukester

The tool makes much sense, organizing your hangar after almost 3 years of FS2020 usage. Thanks for your work!

Suggested improvement: allow for 2 paths to scan. Important for all users you have a custom install, i.e. content split into different drives/partitions. This would solve the issue with airplanes not detected in the scan.

i cant change the path ? weird i can not do annything even not editing the path

Bedankt door flukester

I like this Mod, bud sadly all Carenado Aircrafts are missing. Keep up your good work. 👍

Bedankt door flukester

Excellent there any way for the program to remember the path I insert for it to search? After each update, we need to insert it again? Just asking...thanks again for a great program.....

Bedankt door flukester

This is a great program. May I suggest you add a "search" feature. I have over 150 aircraft, trying to find me favourites given the myriad of names developers use to name their aircraft can be tricky. It would be nice to able to search the list for t-160..or Cessna 172...

Thank you!!!

Bedankt door flukester

This is really helpful, I use it to corral all my helis, but it is not showing my latest purchases from MSFS marketplace. Do we need a fix? Thanks.

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  • Version 1.6.1 May 27, 2023


    - At least one store aircraft (Microsoft Douglas DC3) has aircraft.cfg with a capital A. Fixed pinner so it's not case sensitive.

  • Version 1.6.0 May 26, 2023


    - You can now add multiple stars to aircraft which then appear higher in game. This lets you have favorite aircraft but in order of how you prefer. Aircraft with same star rating are sorted A to Z in game.

    - Aircraft Manufacturer grid column is sortable, this lets you see the exact order of your set favorites by stars.

  • Version 1.5.1 May 26, 2023


    Cache file updates when you add and remove favorites. If you have 1.5.0 previously, hit the scan button to get things refreshed.


    Pin favorites to top of favorites

  • Version 1.5.0 May 26, 2023


    Aircraft are now cached to a file called 'aircraft.cache'. This means you don't need to rescan everytime you launch the app. Scanning is only needed on first run, and when you add or remove aircraft from MSFS.

  • Version 1.4.5 May 25, 2023


    - Removed H145 action pack objects showing as aircraft.

  • Version 1.4.4 May 24, 2023


    - ui tidy up

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Is it a bad idea to modify an aircrafts 'aircraft.cfg' or 'locPak' file ?

Many people tweak the aircraft.cfg, we only modify one parameter, the ui_manufacturer value that MSFS sorts on. 

locPak files are treated with similar respect, only one item is edited.

The author has run out of coffee which will slow development, how can I help ?
Windows SmartScreen pops up a blue warning window when running the app?

As MSFS Aircraft Pinner has not been signed with a certificate this can happen. Just click 'More Info' and continue, you won't be asked again.


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