Chiriaco Summit Airport is mostly use for recreational VFR and alternatively for emergency services. Several west coast aero clubs, (among my Plus One Flyers club) use this field and the nearby restaurant as a destination site for annual weekend competitions. Don't forget to enjoy the Spot Landing challenge in progress runway 6!

And during the approach and departure, enjoy the desert views which are unbelievable with the high mountains that rise to 11,000'. 

In April 1943, General Patton defined Chiriaco Summit (at that very moment named "Camp Young") as headquarter for 3rd Armored Division and main maneuvers area in training for tank warfare. 

Special feature

Don't be surprise by the people, cones and flags half in the middle of the runway. There's an Spot Landing Challenge in progress runway 6! There are also white lines defining areas. The target landing area is highlighted by cones on each side of the runway, approximately 20 feet apart. The 100 points section is marked with flags on the cones.


  • Enhanced some of the closest building to the field
  • Fix the Windsock's position
  • Retexture the whole runway
  • Add one helipad starting position in the main ramp
  • Add Spot Landing Challenge
  • Basic rendition of the General Patton Memorial Museum
  • No extra library or depedencies required.

From the flight deck

Chiriaco Summit has one runway designated 6/24 with an asphalt surface measuring 4,600 by 50 feet (1,402 x 15 m). From the official charts : pilots visibility is limited to 1'400 feet from either end of runway 6/24. More info for pilots:

How to install in MSFS?

Unzip the file into your Community folder. Keep the folder structure from the zip (\AirportServices \ContentInfo, \MaterialLibs, \scenery, layout.json and manifest.json at the root directory). Once installed go to L77 (icao code for Chiriaco Summit) as usual, this scenery replace the stocked MSFS one.


  • World Update II (USA) and X (USA)
  • World Update XI Canada (for eletric poles)

Known bugs

None for the moment.

3D Models World War II models in General Patton Memorial Museum provided for free by printable_models (

Author's final note

As for all of my MSFS mod, this small scenery is made from a pilot-eyes perspective. The scenery is inspired by aerial views from Bing and Google maps. It's a mix between the satellite imagery displayed from MSFS and more accurate data found on Internet. I did my best, based on online videos and pictures freely available. I also used some of my personal video taken during a flight I did here in 2011 ( If you have local pictures to help being more accurate, please let me know!