Comiso Airport (IATA: CIY, ICAO: LICB) is an aeronautical infrastructure located 5 km from the Sicilian town of the same name and 15 km from Ragusa, the provincial capital. Born as a military airport, it was converted into general civil and cargo aviation, being included in the regional plan of Sicilian air transport, which provides for the establishment of two aeronautical poles: the western one, consisting of the airports of Palermo and Trapani and the eastern one, represented from the airports of Catania and Comiso. The airport was opened to civilian traffic on May 30, 2013 and the following year was named after Pio La Torre.

The structure is equipped with an asphalt runway 2538 m long and 45 m wide, the altitude is 230 m, the orientation of the track is 05-23, the radio frequency 125.275 MHz for the tower, normal circuit.

Orientation: 05/23
Track length: 2538 m
Runway width: 60 m (45 m + 7.5 m docks)
Taxiway width: 38 m (23 m + 7.5 m docks)
Connection taxiway: A (in header 23), B and C (rapid exit)
Commercial Aviation Area: 39000 m²
General Aviation Area: 6,000 m²
Yield (Runway end safety area): 240 m on both ends.
Fire protection: ICAO Category 7


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