Rutaca (Rutas Aéreas C.A.) is a private Venezuelan airline, a pioneer in exploration and flights over the Macizo Guayanés and the jungle areas of Venezuela, founded in 1974, based in Ciudad Bolívar. 

At first it only operated in the eastern area of Venezuela, it continued to expand until reaching destinations throughout Venezuela and some international ones in the Caribbean Sea. Rutaca had a contract with the Venezuelan Soccer Team and one of her planes was allegorically decorated with the color that identified it. Currently the airline is in a process of changes. The arrival of two Boeing 737-300 aircraft is expected as part of the fleet renewal process as a result of the statements made by the INAC, by which all the country's airlines should replace the current air fleet that mostly averages the 30 years old. It currently restarted operations on September 11, 2017. 

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