Mojave Air and Space Port is located in the Mojave Dessert just 20 miles west of my other scenery, Mountain Valley Airport. This airport is licensed for reusable spacecraft, and flight testing. It's also home to a large commercial airliner storage facility.

Put most of the work into the boneyard. Lots around to explore. Also redid runway 08/26 in black asphalt as it currently is. Cracked cement added to the aprons. Some details added to the front of the airport, Legacy park, and some normal airport clutter. Would like to change the main tower but it's not letting me edit or remove it right now, even with the typical tricks.  

To get the most out of this scenery: 85% of this scenery is default SDK objects, so most will be there. But some assets are used from these packs. Without these packs you will not see the new objects. Simply download each and place separately into your community folder.
Dave's Crooked Library - AssetPack