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JustFlight Piper PA28 Turbo Arrow IV - Clean Interior MEGA PACK

JustFlight PA28R Turbo Arrow IV Clean Interior MegaPack V2.0-SU5 So with the release of the new Turbo Arrow, I was asked to convert my interiors as well. I packed them together as a Mega Pack. You can get the most popular one (Grey) as a...


JustFlight PA28R Turbo Arrow IV Clean Interior MegaPack V2.0-SU5

So with the release of the new Turbo Arrow, I was asked to convert my interiors as well.
I packed them together as a Mega Pack.

You can get the most popular one (Grey) as a separate download here:

This version will only work with the Turbo Arrow IV. For the Turbo Arrow III for go here:


Completely remove previous versions! 
Then just drop ONE of the folders included into your Community folder. You can always just have one colour installed at the same time.


Each version comes with a choice of tablet colours. In the standard package I have changed the tablet to black. 
However, if you prefer the white tablet you can reinstall it:

- Look for the folder "tablet". In it you will find one folder called "black" and one folder called "white".
- Each of those folders contains a file called: "EFB_ALBEDO.PNG.DDS"
- copy the file with the desired colour into "Community/justflight-aircraft-pa28-turboarrow-iii_beigeinterior/SimObjects/Airplanes/JF_PA28_TurboArrow_IV/TEXTURE.VC" and restart MSFS 

In addition I changed the colour of the instrument panel to match the interior as well and provided a second complementary panel color with a black base. You can always easily switch back to the colour you prefer

For Installation instructions refer to the respective readme file. 

Do not rename the folder or you might get problems with other mods like the "Just Flight PA28 Lighting Improvement" by WeptBurrito2749

Have fun
Best wishes

Sim Update 11 0 0
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May 29, 2021
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2 month(s) ago — 2.7




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  • Updated to version 2.7

  • Updated to version 2.6

  • Updated to version 2.5

  • Updated to version 2.0-SU5

  • Updated to version 1.5.1

  • Updated to version 1.5

  • Initial File Release

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latest 2.6 zip file is invalid



2 month(s) ago / Bedankt door Archer374

Thanks for the updates!



2 month(s) ago / Bedankt door Archer374

Hello. Excellent mod. But I have noticed on all versions of your mod for the Turbo III and IV that the artificial horizon is white where it is supposed to be blue. It makes it very hard to monitor attitude. Could a fix be made for the next version?



11 month(s) ago / Bedankt door Archer374

is it possible to mix and match....say i want the red panel with the grey interior this possible?



1 year(s) ago / Bedankt door Archer374

Great interiors, very nice work. OK with SU7. Thanks a lot.

Thanks !

Missing TEXTURE folder in the JF_PA28_TurboArrow_III directories

@Archer374 same version issue found here, the download zip file shows v1.2 (not 1.5)

Thank you very much Archer374. A minor comment if you can fix it, there is a "masking tape" look at the left pillar as viewed from inside the cockpit. This is not visible with the original Arrow & Turbo Arrow. Can this be remove/improve?

does this work with the latest update of the turbo arrow? 0.2.0? would love a black interior. great work

Thanks! Tanks! Thanks!

Thanks for the good work!

I have one request, can you work on black beige?

Black panel + beige seat

I read the readme file, but it was hard to understand.

It felt difficult because I did not have the relevant knowledge.

Thank you again.

Thanks for continuing your absolutely excellent interiors. A great contribution for all of us.

Hey Archer, thank you for the quick update of the files for the new turbo versions. There are just some minor problems with the beige interior. The fuel selector is not red anymore, as well as the primer button. And the light switches panel is showing the old naming and colors of the buttons. Maybe something you can fix in a future update of your amazing work!

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  • Version 2.7 October 05, 2022

    corrected a problem with the grey cockpit files not showing correctly

  • Version 2.6 October 04, 2022

    fixed glitch with artificial horizon still showing some white areas.

  • Version 2.5 October 03, 2022

    changed top of the artifical horizon from white to blue.

  • Version 2.0-SU5 August 06, 2021

    made compatible with Sim Update 5 (SU5)

  • Version 1.5.1 June 22, 2021

    uploaded correct file again. Sorry about that!

  • Version 1.5 June 21, 2021

    - corrected colour glitch on the left windowframe (thanks IronDad1289 for the heads-up!)
    - several minor adjustments

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