The wingflex was much better on the 0.93. Wingflex on the 0.94 is almost non-existent.

you sir are a fucking legend

I assume this includes all of the airport buildings and static aircraft? Do the cows off to the side of the long runway have any textures?

If you have had a previous version of this scenery, make sure the old version is removed from your community folder, as it was renamed last update. If this is your first time downloading, then disregard.

You may also try deleting your Content.xml in "AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator". Also clear out the "SceneryIndexes" & "Packages" folder (This is a cache, and shouldnt have any addon packages in it) while you are there. Sometimes this can fix odd graphical issues in the sim. Both will rebuild the next time you run the sim.

If none of this helps, check other scenery as well and see if something similar occurs, or if it's just at FoF.

This addon is amazing! One thing I would say is that the rudder physics feels weird, I don't know if it's me not used to flying an A330 in a simulator but it feels very hard to turn the plane. Another thing I'd like to point out is if it was possible to fix the speed, sometimes it's hard to lose speed on this addon. Other than that it's an amazing addon.

love the green aswell , maybe a yellow. or black top with a gold stripe

The latest version of H125 (v1.3.4) allows you to load a chin camera. If you left click the top of the MSFS screen when the model is loaded, select the fuel icon (it looks like a weight) and set the "Camera System Shotover" value to 50 you'll see it. Lot's of other options in there too. Maybe one day they'll come up with the BMS!

Great job! Have you thought about creating a business luxury interior similar to the Bombardier Global Express 8000? Inside The Bombardier Global 8000 Private Jet - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqPcPMLQls0&list=PLTqNtIkk4P0OcaTSl7tGgj5oYASmepxkw&index=79

Unable to press EXEC after setting basic fight information and waypoint cannot be entered

The guys from Flight Tacker added TURB_ENG_FREE_TURBINE_TORQUE:index. When you change the button to this (bottom display value) and set unit to 'psf' you get the actual torque press value as per instrument panel.

Thank you so much, glad you enjoy it! Concourse C and the UA campus should have plenty of UAL signage to make it feel like home 😊

and actually, could you just tell me the names of the folders I need to past in?

The problem is: the only Texan listed in the marketplace under Reno is the Reno Expansion pack, and I bought one of those planes but the repaint does not work with that. Do you mean the T-6 Class addon? There is no such thing as a base pack in the marketplace.

Could you not please adapt this to the other T-6s? That would be much appreciated. And could you maybe post a link to the plane I need for this repaint?

This is an essential mod for VR. Can you please add Cap10C?

Le poids de l'avion change lorsque les réservoirs sont remplis et vidés ?

it only works with the base one from the reno pack, the only non-racer.

Great light aircraft! Could you build a Quad City Challenger 2?

Can you please let us know to which axes you have the rudder left and right assigned?

Truly gorgeous work. However, I had a weird bug today. As I was taxiing for takeoff, some other traffic was floating several feet (like maybe 5-6?) off the ground. I think these were user planes, as opposed to the AIG traffic I also had enabled which was at the correct height. Has anyone else seen something like this? If there's a height difference in the taxiways between this and default it'd explain it, but I assume that would have shown up in your testing? Some photos included below.

Photo 1- https://i.imgur.com/MvKpyXZ.jpg

Photo 2- https://i.imgur.com/EOkBTYV.jpg



I've tried, I even just shortened the file to one letter to see if it would work and it is still giving the same error.

I decided tonight to change things up and choose a new base to fly for ProjectFly. I fly United Airlines and put all of their bases into a random spinning wheel and spun and got CLE. I thought, okay, hopefully there will be some sort of scenery to make it better. I came on here and the first thing I see is CLE V2.0 released today. It's like the stars aligned. I appreciate your efforts, thank you so much!

I undertand. Well I look forward for the extention 😊

Thank you

This is the coolest livery for this plane! Great color scheme. (I think it needs an update though). Would look really awesome on some other planes too.

All u have to do is shorten the file name after you extract it from zip folder then install in community folder should be good to go.

I was wondering about solidness of these boats, but you can make models collidable that's not the problem. The problem i didn't think of was when player meets player they go invisible.

How nobody has hacked this stupid game mechanic is beyond me, it's annoying for formation flying and people wanting to land close together in helicopters. Worst game idea for sure.

Boa noite, parabéns pelo excelente trabalho nessa pintura!!! Você vai fazer a nova pintura do Águia da PM de SP?