As some users obviously have some problems with the profile do as follows:

Try to install the basic GSX profile from the AAO site and then try this profile again. I don’t know where the issue is exactly but this method obviously helped some. Let me know if you were successful.



OMG. I just noticed that I accidentally had the blue cockpit files in the grey folder. That must have been the case from the beginning and noone ever complained.

I'll correct that of course and upload a new version.

Thanks for the heads up. Looks like this isn't my week, when it comes to correcting errors 😀

Thanks for the precisions, ok 32' with 1440 that's maybe why it looked a bit bigger than i thought (i have a 27' 1440p), but ok that should not be an issue, i hope those sliders wll change something. Also it's really weird because the new version has that combobox as seen in the pic below, i really don't know what might cause it to not appear, checking -> https://imgur.com/v76yyUj

I appreciate the add-on and appreciate your hard work. Having dabbled into the MSFS SDK a few times, I know how finicky it can be. My only question is...why does it show up as "KBNAB Nashville Intl 2" in the sim?

Bonjour, je ne sais pas pourquoi mais l'avion fait que de vibrer

I use 7Zip Thanks for giving us a choice 😊

thank you, i see you brought your hammock 👍

Great work. But I'm not getting the grey seats in the Turbo IV. I've tried almost every possible way but no grey interior...the Turbo III works perfectly. Maybe you can help me figure this one out? Thank you.

Thank you my friend. I have this uploaded just in time for Smashing Pumpkins + Jane's Addiction show this weekend at the Hard Rock 😊

Can confirm there is no lights, I train there

About box is reporting 0.18.8309.37823. I'll have a session with your suggestions below this evening. Fwiw windows scaling is 100% on a 32" 1440p monitor.

My father flew with XL til he retired in G-XLAC, in December 2007, i appreciate this livery a lot!

... that's the first thing you say on this website

AIG Traffic Controller (AIGTC) injects aircraft using real data from published scheduled flights from commercial airlines and corporate aircraft companies. Since Kai Tak ceased operations in 1998 there has been no such data available for the airport as no aircraft have been there since then, so you will not see any flights using AIGTC. The same applies if you the MSFS AI-Online option as there are no aircraft operating there in real time. If I recall correctly you can use the MSFS AI-Offline option and MSFS will inject a few random fantasy flights and if an injected aircraft matches with an AIG model then the AIG model and livery will be used. The behavior of AI-Offline aircraft can be a bit crazy though.

I hadnt time to check on this. But if you have discord, you could contact me there and I could see if I can send you a test version, when I tried to find the error.

Hey, I just installed this on the latest update and at max throttle the manifold pressure was pulsating back and forth wildly. Any ideas?

I don't understand, is it to copy and paste this?

i actually lost 5 fps with this compared tu 5.0.9

can you try to remove the scaling option you have set in the options screen (2nd tab, 2 little sliders). That was an old option that existed before it was possible to increase the font size, maybe it creates some difficulties, put that to zero and increase the font size a bit more if it's too small without the scaling, you should probably get a slightly better result. You maybe also have windows scaling over 100% in the windows preference, that might even increase the font a bit more. Let me know if removing that option makes the text more consistent.

nope it is not necessary at all if your current setup is working just fine.

the latest version has a little combobox next to the start button on the toolbar, maybe your shortcut still points to the previous version, check that please. But ok that bold thing is probably not changed by the new version and you'll get the same result, i will check your INI in a few minutes

Hiya Bad, It should be the latest version it was downloaded this morning to see if the new version cleared the oddity. I've now used the colour options now for 'has' and 'is' dependency and the bold face text show up as 'is' a dependent. The ini file can be grabbed from here. The font has been increased to 10pt https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OqvHyPqsdMarXnJ6GGZmETWA8pM_B5Qz/view?usp=sharing Kev

You don't have to switch... fly them both! Just drag them in and out of the Community folder when you want to fly them. This mod is primarily focused on improving the flight model and overall aircraft performance and stability. The W&B also now accurately matches the real aircraft.

I have exactly the same problem. Did you ever get an answer to your question? If so, what is it?

Well, I really appreciate all efforts. But...

Since there already is the great and well tested mod from mrtommymxr https://flightsim.to/file/2738/da40-ngx-project I'll have to ask: What does your mod do better? Why should I switch?

Fair enough thanks, so I dont necessarily have to update it then.

I'm sorry, but I believe that by mistake it slipped into your st_tropez_v1_3nH6q.rar the directories 07 to 11 of your Monaco scene... 😉

Thanks. Looking forward to your next update.

Thank you very much this is excellent.

hmm that looks very strange, more like some graphical anomalies for 3 addons that appear bolder than the other. Looks like you have increased the font size quite a bit, not sure if it's that causing the issue if it's mixed with some other settings, can you maybe upload your INI file (C:\ProgramData\MSFS Addons Linker\MSFS_Addons_Linker.ini) ?

*edit 1 * Oh also i have noticed that you don't see to use the latest version, try the latest one to be sure you have all the latest tweaks.

*edit 2* but maybe there's something that really put some addons in bold i can't remember, on my end i don't see a difference like on you screen, with your ini file i'll have the same settings as you and hopefully i'll notice something.

Where is the answer below?

I have exactly what other users have described. The Streamdeck appears exactly as in your photographs except that the yellow and blue buttons have NO TEXT IN THEM.

Please stop assuming that everyone is as expert as you and provide a solution!

I have spent an entire day trying to get this to work!!!!!

Without further clarification in your instructions or you taking the time to actually help people who have raised issues on this page, I could not recommend your software!

thank you for your kind comments, i can do that for the next update no problem

Hey! I really want to make the new Sunweb livery, but unfortunately I can't find a high resolution photo of the image used on the fuselage (the lady with her arms wide). If you have it or can help me find it, let me know! Next to that, I'm thinking of making the whole Transavia NL fleet as a package, but I'll have to decide on that 😉

Could you follow up on this or offer some troubleshoot steps? Like I said this did work flawlessly, then with the update all I get is grey screens. The .pdfs work when shown in browser, but in sim they show nothing. Your checklist app still works fine. I was literally in the middle of training in VR and I haven't been able to continue since SU10. I dunno how I am gonna complete what I need to do if this thing no longer works.

MERCI GO-SUB 😀 bonne soirée à toi aussi !!!

Vai ter atualização das novas numerações de pistas ? :/

Any chance you are going to make the new Sunweb livery? PH-HSK?

You have done an excellent job. I used to be based at Lossie in the 70s with 8 Sqn Shackletons. It has changed quite a lot. I flew out of it yesterday and it was perfect. Is there a chance of moving the static Hercs and Tanker aircraft backwards a few yards because as I Taxied past them, the wing tip of my Airbus was clipping the parked aircraft. If it cannot be done, no big deal as the base is perfect. Thanks.