Hej dresoccer4

Glad its all sorted out. I just have had to Update more than 40 airports due to SU5, so forgive me if not every screenshot is from last version ;O)

Sehr sehr geil !!!! Vielen dank für die Parkpositionen!! war auch nötig! 😉 grüße aus ERK Uptempo2020

Remove then and never use it again

Im sorry, i dint understand, which link? in the installer.bat there's a tinyurl link and a source link, do you mean on of those?

Still not sure how it may happen - for me and our testers it works pretty fine.

You can turn on helmet visibility manually, just open /model/JetWing1.xml in text editor and replace




so helmet always will be visible in first person view (smile is ": S" without space)

Sucks and produces CTDs on startup every 2nd time. When it runs, its superb. So 2.5 Stars.

I'm in the same boat. Looking for FAQ or detailed instructions. I can connect the app to the server, but the server doesn't see MSFS2020 running.

i dont know how to make tracks

Another beautiful city, thank you.

I see the cathedral is hovering in the air and maybe it's because of SU5 ... and after flying a few minutes over the city I was rewarded by the infamous MSFS CTD.

Why can't that be done in MSFS? The turboprops you can.

Good flyer and has a throttle which the original didn't have,it was either idle or full bore and consequently very tricky on landing..................................

Cette nouvelle version est parfaitement compatible avec l'updae 5. Il y a même l'altitude de la piste écrite sur le hangar! 😉

Merci beaucoup!

Nice done bush trip. Just check the path on the map. The trip from Blankensee goes north over Fehmarn and not west to Holtenau.

CTD after takeoff when i used active pause,up 'till then everything was ok...........

ai vocês vão me ajudando com dicas

já fiz essa mesma no a32nx, depois eu vou atualizando

Awesome aircraft, finally had time to fly it last night in VR, and I love in VR I see arms and legs and you chose a woman model for it, so just feels right to me in VR 😊

bonjour a tous , merci pour cette magnifique realisation , par contre petit soucis !! lors du vol l’appareil se met a vibrer de droite a gauche au niveau de la queue, une explication ? merci beaucoup

I like it, but I'd like to be able to go at any airport of my choice, with any mission of my choice.

Excellent. 5STAR

Worked easily with no problems. Thanks.

By the way, this version is 1.5.0.

Version 2.0.3 is MSFS2020-GOOGLE-MAP-1.5.0 is the latest version and 2.0.3 is

correct in assuming that you have separated the python?

Continue to cause CTD for me even today. Very sad as it is such a lovely looking repaint. Is anybody having it working? If so any ideas on where we are getting it wrong?

Great mod!

However I'm not sure if I've installed it all correctly, as my sim doesn't look quite like your screenshots. Like there is a fire truck in mine, but it's in a different spot. And there are no people, and the buildings look a little different. I've uploaded a screenshot to user gallery, if you could take a look and let me know if it's correct I'd appreciate it.

UPDATE: i restarted the sim and now my scenery matches your screenshots! i've uploaded a new image. now it looks even better 😉

Oh man. I didn't know that at all. Thank you so much!

OK mordeczko ( 😀 ) - this way - do exactly what README says: install Python as said, then you will not have to play with it. "derekhe" certificate installs with warning, but installs.

There is "py" not "python.exe" in current "run.bat":

py -m pip install -r requirements.txt

py src\app.py

Hello there, is the 1.3 version reuploaded to be compatible with the famous MSFS su5. Cannot downgrade the versions in this webpage format, so, I had to "upgrade" from 1.4 to 1.4.1 to be SU5 compatible. Otherwise they might retire this scenery from the webpage.

I´m working in a real v2.0 of this scenery, thanks to the interest in airport from all over the world simmers, but due to my work, I don´t have much time to spare with this incredible hobbie.

Enjoy and expect news soon.

Thank you for putting this airplane back on my Favorites list with the help of your sound modification. Perhaps the original sound is authentic but

my ‘suspension of disbelieve’ was completely gone with this very thin sound. The frequencies were so high that my ‘Buttkicker’ refused to react.  Also: no problems  with Sim Update 5 and 6 so far. Much obliged!