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Een kort overzicht van wat er gaande is in onze community.

Thanks for making this. Can you add to aircraft.cfg?



Been inside the actual airplane at Pima Air Museum in Tucson. For those wanting it as a B, the airframe has the windows of the A but doesn’t look like it has the cargo door on the port side. Thanks for this paint!

great repaint! could you possible make a slightly newer CP air livery based of the orange and metal livery


I'm not sure why, but this scenery is causing CTDs for me when loading. I have all of the latest MSFS updates installed, including WU5. I removed this add-on scenery and can load up the default ENFG scenery just fine.

Would be nice if you put all the stuff needed to get mod working. Or just upload everything you have. Getting the screens black on plane.

Yes, That will be available in game but some screenshot were recycled from 777-200ER

FIXED: I had to make sure the folders had the correct names....my extracter program gave them an extra folder with a different name.

I'm having trouble seeing this update in the game. I have had luck with other updates but not this one. I have the 4 different folders in the community folder. Do I need to combine these? Any idea why I am not seeing this update in the game?

Me and my Friend really love this livery, Thanks for Making it

All right, I manage to get it to happen and take a snapshot. It is kind of random. It does produce beeps before the power goes down and plunge to the ground. I put a freeze on the flight when it happen. (The speed tape keep going up and is not relevant). If you can see something with the shot, great ! (P.S I am not impatient an iota. I just wish you get that model perfect so what ever it take, so be it)


hey i been waiting for UBBB for 2 months but no updates :/

is UBBB is developing?

also plz fix MGMM since MGTK is not used

Fixed in the most recent update!

Awesome livery but a few minor fixes: The tail reg is painted as PT-TJR instead of PT-MUB, and the logo on the engine is incorrect as the 777-300ERs use GE-115Bs, not RR engines

Is there any way to link the sounds to something else besides the A320? It kind of takes away from the experience. I have the DC Designs F-15 and would rather link the sounds to it. I've replaced both the sound and soundai folders with a copy from the DC Designs F-15, but then there's no sound at all for the F-22

Hello, I just uploaded a photo of the real plane, which I draw to make the painting. 

Thank you very much for your job!!!! and please waiting for midtown Manhattan!!!

I sent you a pm. I gave you all credits of the buildings in the description. BTW thanks for the compliment.

sim é recomendado para usar com salgado inclusive, o Layout é muito fácil, basta arrastar o Layout do seu 777 para o geradorLayout e ele vai fazer tudo automático.

GPWS não funciona? Eu não entendia muito bem o que eu quis dizer

Drag your 777's Layout so it can make other paths and the new lights work

Brilliant, knew the community could trust you to deliver these classic NZ schemes. How about Wings over Whales next?

what do I do with the MSFSLayoutGenerator.exe? Also, I feel like the wing flexes a bit too much. Other than that, this is a pretty cool mod

Lets hope not, hopefully ORBX gets it right next update

Anyway to upload or send as a regular zip for the community folder? Ops center doesnt work for some who have MSFS installed to the D drive. PMDG is looking into this, hopefully it gets resolved. Thank you!

Textures are a bit lacking on the exterior, that's my only criticism. I hope that sound barrier effects are added with the addition of particle effects next update.

Perfecto!... la borraré entonces... mil gracias genio!

Sorry about that. Not sure what happened. I just re-uploaded 2.1 and tested it and it works now.

And to think, since I have the vectors ready, this painting is still a lot of work hahaha



I am planning to buy a monitor which has no HDR support. Is this addon a sort of MSFS colour modification so that we can have something similar to HDR?

@M2049 This is one of if not the best supersonic military aircraft out there for MSFS and they are doing it all for free. I have followed this project since the early days, and they continue to make improvements with each update. The development team is very approachable to answer questions etc