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RIGHT NOW I DONT CREATE AIRPORTS OR EDIT MY EXISTING AIRPORTS! Sry. I just have to much Stuff to do in RL and have no time for MFS or Flightsim.to. Sry , , I am just a small Person creating Airports for Fun. ;) If you want to make a Request:-you can look at my to do ToDo-List if i already have it in my Listhttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1buTvkRcHVqmE9XZSIkCuo4trBKbeKeuGzQQkwyzthVg/edit?usp=sharingOtherwise just go to this page: https://flightsim.to/requests/scenery and create a request. I look there regularly and choose my work myself. Basically I only build with the models that Asobo makes available to us. I don't build buildings by hand. Read before writing me a PM: How to write a question: 1. Give me as precise a position as possible. ("The area of the Airport" is not percise) 2. Write a usable Error Description ("I have a Problem, it does not work" is not usable)3. Provide usable material for me, if you want me to change something ("Make something else" is not good) A good question: "Hey. At ICAO XXXX south of rwy X at coords XXXXXXX, XXXXXXX there is a building in RL. See this pic: www.xxxxxxx.xx . Could you add this to ICAO: XXXXX airport pls?"A bad qustion: "at you airport some trees dont show up, and the rwy is to short. change that!"If you write a good question, there is a greater chance that I will answer you quickly and accurately, or that I will implement changes quickly. The better and more precise the question, the faster I will process your request. Also: PLS, PLS, PLS: Give me an ICAO-Code! Dont write the airportname. I dont work on names, i work on ICAO.
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