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My name is Kenneth James Kerr, and way back in 1994 I became one of the very first commercial third party designers for the Microsoft Flight Simulator series. Back then, I was taking real-life flying lessons on a Piper Warrior, but was flying a Cessna in FS4 at home. Through trial and error I learned how to modify the 2d panel of the Cessna, and that led to the creation of "Visually Incredible Panels" that year. Later, when the first aircraft design program was released, I was approached by several people to make panels for the aircraft they were designing, and so began the "The VIP Group." Originally the work was self-published, but within a year we were approached by PC Aviator and also the forerunner of Just Flight to publish through them. And so began the "VIP Classic Wings" series of aircraft and panel collections, with boxed editions in the stores globally through these two publishers. The VIP Group brought together pioneers in the flight sim industry, and we had an enjoyable seven year run. But, things change, and in 2001 the company ceased operations. Since then, flight sim has continued to be my hobby. I have built many home cockpits over the years, and have always remained loyal to the MSFS brand. I flew Aerofly FS2 for a while, and of course P3d, but when MSFS2020 came out, it was time to return to the MSFS fold as it were. Now I fly it daily. Career wise, I am an encouragement author and speaker with books and courses available to lift people up, especially in this crazy era of 2020. I invite you to learn more about my work at www.KennethJamesKerr.com

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