Version 0.9.2
Added a 'Views' panel
Uses this configuration:
You can always change the views, they are just custom camera saves.

Plus, since I've started to use the Cessna CJ4 with the Working Title mod a lot lately I've made and added a dedicated Touchportal page for the CJ4 (included in download).


Version 0.9.1
Made a few adjustments, organizing buttons.
ALERT-button now works in Overspeed and Flaps/Slats-overspeed
Added 'View FlyPad' button (custom camera save as ALT-2)

AvtivePause still doesn't work
APR doesn't activate button in cockpit, when button in cockpit is pushed button in TP is responding

Version 0.9.0
For TouchPortal I've made this dedicated page to fly the Airbus a320n by FlyByWire.

99% of the buttons work, I'm still investigating some odd things.
For instance, I cannot get the Appr-button to work properly.
If anyone has idea's or tips, feel free to contact me!

For a proper working you'll need to have a paid version of TouchPortal and get the MSFS2020-plugin from Github.
Some of the buttons are assigned to custom keyboard-bindings withing MSFS2020.
In TouchPortal, tap the button and you'll find the binding.
The central image for instance, is binded to F: default view.
View MCDU is M
Anit-Ice sets ENG1, ENG2 and wings.

Have fun, stay safe and happy flying!