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Version 1.0.2
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Laatst Geupdate February 16, 2021
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Push Back Recorder is an MSFS2020 Push Back utility add-on which allows you to record and playback your push backs

What can i do with Push Back Recorder?

  • Auto-Push Back: Select a recorded PBR file and playback your push backs
  • Planned Push Back: Select from Short/Medium/Long, Left/Right, 75°/90°/180° Pre-Planned Push back options
  • Manual Push Back: Use your keyboard keys to perform a manual push back
  • Record Push Back: Record your push back using your keyboard keys and save your PBR file so it can be played back with the Auto-Push Back feature later on
  • Toggle / Push Back: Toggles the push back tug
  • Toggle / Jetway: Toggles the jetway connection (If available at your spot)
  • Toggle / Brakes: Toggles the Parking Brakes


  • Run pbrsetupxxx.exe and complete the install wizard
  • Please keep the default install path to avoid issues with the log generator  

Known issues

  • PBR won't work if SimRate is above x1.0
  • Log error: Could not create pbr.log (Use the default install path to avoid this issue)

Reporting issues

Please report any issues or feature request in GitHub Issues: https://github.com/RushScript/MSFS-PBR/issues

Special thanks to OverKill for his collaboration on those amazing audio files!

Project link: https://github.com/RushScript/MSFS-PBR

Please report any issues!

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  • Version 1.0.2 February 16, 2021

    -- [FIX] Planned push back not responding and keeps going straight (This might have been sorted, please report if the problem persists)

    -- [FIX] Fine-tuned push back templates values to avoid static movement at the end of push back

    -- [FIX] The app wont run in the background anymore after closing the GUI

    -- [ADD] Added Parking Brakes toggle button to the GUI

    -- [ADD] You can now use your PBR files in different spots (An information message will be displayed letting you know that the PBR file belongs to a different spot)

  • Version 1.0.1 February 11, 2021

    -- [FIX] Fixed audio comms playing prior Tug inbound

    -- [FIX] Fixed audio will stil playing on the background even if the app is closed

  • Version 1.0 February 10, 2021

    -- [FIX] Fixed PBR showing Tip message in MSFS2020 "Recording push back..." while using Manual Push back and Auto-Push back feature

    -- [FIX] Record Push Back being not able to record

    -- [FIX] Auto-Push back GUI not working after recording (There is no need to reset the PBR App anymore to use any other feature)

    -- [FIX] Push back tug releases the plane without slowing down first (It will now slowdown the plane on release)

    -- [FIX] Changed installer compression to zip to avoid AV false positives

    -- [FIX] Installer shortcuts fixed (Users can now pin the icon to the taskbar)

    -- [FIX] PBR now remembers the last accessed path

    -- [IMPROVEMENT] Improved GUI performance

    -- [IMPROVEMENT] Improved GUI overall design

    -- [IMPROVEMENT] Push Back Recorder and Play Back fully re-worked

    -- [IMPROVEMENT] Play Back accuracy improved

    -- [IMPROVEMENT] Reduced CPU usage

    -- [ADD] PBR is now compiled as an executable file and doesen't require Python 3.8.7 to be installed on the user system

    -- [ADD] Added new app icon

    -- [ADD] Added GUI Menu bar

    -- [ADD] Tooltips can now be disabled (Check for settings on the UI menu bar)

    -- [ADD] Play Back feature can now read Push Back Templates

    -- [ADD] NEW FEATURE: Planned Push Back

    -- [ADD] Ground to Flight deck comms audio added during push back phases (Thanks to OverKill for his collaboration on those amazing audio files!)

    -- [ADD] Tug will now connect and wait for user to release parking brakes before commencing push back

    -- [ADD] Tug will wait for user to set parking brakes before disconnecting

  • Version b0.1.1 January 27, 2021

    [FIX] Due to false positive detection using PY2EXE the new release is not compiled anymore.
    [SETUP FEATURE] Python 3.8.7 Included on the installation.

  • Uitgebracht January 27, 2021

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