The Graveyard Shift Scenery 
North Carolina Lighthouses Scenery Addon for Flight Simulator (2020).
7 Historic Lighthouses located along the scenic Outer Banks of North Carolina, USA.

The TGSS North Carolina Lighthouses package contains 7 individual lighthouse addons, The Cape Fear Memorial Bridge and the Battleship USS North Carolina TGSS addons for MSFS 2020. A Flight Plan is also included that takes you over all the included scenery. All these addons feature night lighting and a Landmark Point of Interest marker. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse was included in an official world update, which made installing it unnecessary now.The Hatterras Light Station that Asobo crafted looks great! You can just install the other six as they are packaged individually. All the addons have their own folders so you can install only those you want. If you install Hatteras you will see two light houses one inside of the other. Not recommended. 

The Light Stations:
The North Carolina Lighthouse scenery addons replace the flat ground images with 3d lighthouse models and removes the round huts auto-generated for the lighthouses. The lighthouses are close to their actual size, averaging about 60 meters tall. The lighthouses all feature lighting for night flights and red beacons, they have been accurately placed and they all have Point of Interest Landmarks. These lighthouses have a rich history which is worth a couple of google searches, too much to include here. 

The Flight Plan:
The included flight plan takes you over the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge and the Battleship USS North Carolina; so, I included them both in this package. They are available as seperate TGSS downloads on this site and at the TGSS site. The included Flight Plan has you departing from KONX, Currituck County Airport and flies you south along the scenic barrier islands and inland waterways of the NC Outer Banks. There are waypoints to all of the 7 historic lighthouses, the Birthplace of Flight at the Wright Brothers Memorial and the USS North Carolina Battleship Memorial. The flight ends at KILM, Wilmington International Airport. I have also included a chart for KILM for your convenience.

Two additional addons, The Bridge and Battleship at Wilmington NC: 
The Cape Fear Memorial Bridge and the USS North Carolina Battleship scenery are free addons from The Graveyard Shift Scenery. I replaced the flat image of the battleship  which didn't do proper justice to "The Showboat". The enormous WW II battleship is part of the city's skyline. The Cape Fear Memorial Bridge is a very well known landmark for locals and anyone traveling to the city or beaches. 
The battleship, bridge and light stations all have lighting for night flights and a Point of Interest marker. 

Dawn, mid-day, sunset or even in the dark night skies flying on The Graveyard Shift, the NC Lighthouses Flight Plan is a beautiful scenic flight along the NC barrier islands, over the inland waterways and Atlantic Ocean and on up the wide Cape Fear River, over the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge and  by the Battleship Memorial, to arrive at Wilmington International Airport. You get to tour 7 historic lighthouses and three historic memorials. Enjoy!

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1. Extract the downloaded zip file which includes the individual addon folders, the flight plan and readme files. 
2. Place the individual lighthouse and battleship folders into your MSFS 2020 Community folder.

By: Donald Norwood
AKA: David Armastrong
The Graveyard Shift Scenery

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