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Micronesia, Federated States of Exclusive
PTKK-Chuuk (Truk) International, Micronesia

Truk Island with its sheltered lagoon was the main Japanese Naval base during WW2,  but in Februrary 1944 the allied launched operation hailstone and a large Japanese naval group was caught and sunken in the Truk lagoon. Today Truk Island is renamed to Chuuk Lagoon, and is one of the most Picturesque and quiert places on earth, now attracting Tourists and Divers from around the globe, and the lagoon is world known among Divers.
The Airport has only limited traffic with few  Domestic & International flights, but the large 1831 meters RWY makes it possible to operate larger jets. Further PTKK is a pleasent stop during a long Cross-Pacific flight, only 1.126 NM from PWAK-Wake Island.
The scenery is created with MSFS SDK and stock objects only, just unzip and drop the ptkk folder into your Community folder, and off Y'go.

Hope You will enjoy flying to Truk Island ;O)

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Pretty empty over here.

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GPS Coordinates 7.4697051,151.836858

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