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#Real-Life #Sightseeing #Experimental Exclusive Drag and Drop

Open Beta / Experimental

BetaBushTripInjector generates fully functional bush trips from LittleNavMap flight plans. Missing texts are automatically added meaningfully. No search for coordinates or heights for the runway or waypoints. They are there.
Briefing images as well as images of the runways for the NavLog are of course generated. These are real graphics and not images with text only.
It's all GUI controlled and you don't have to worry about formatting. No XML or programming skills required.
QuickStartGuide is included.
Despite intensive testing, bugs and problems may occur. If you have an issue, please PM me at 
flightsim.to, forums.flightsimulator.com or on Discord at BuffyGC#0939.
Thank you very much.



Open the zip-file with the tool of your choice. Drag the BushTripInjector folder (containing the EXE file and the DLL) to a place of your choice. Please note that since several files are created, both Flightsimulator and BushTripInjector have rights to create, modify and delete files and folders in thefolder of your choice. So it must not be directly in the program directories ("Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)").

Main Features

  • Creates 2D Images for the Landing Airports in Nav Log automatically
  • Assisted 3D image generation for briefing (start of leg)
  • Use your own Images for Landing, Briefing and Waypoints
  • Generate Waypoint Images from a Map
  • Free Texts for Nav Log
  • Append Nav Log Entries by Wikipeadia articles
  • Create Waypoint Images from Wikipedia articles.
  • Create voice announcements for Waypoints (instructions)
  • Create voice announcements at any positions
  • Use your own soundfile for announcements or music
  • Create airstrips for your Bush Trip wherever you want
  • Trigger and Events Editor: Define conditional triggers and fire an action

A small selection of interesting trips created with BushTripInjector:

Italian Alps Tour 2021 by Davide Rosso and Matteo Stevenazzi
Mississippi - adventure and history by Koschi
Flight Of Passage by Pontiac51
South German Castle Tour by Pennsocke
La Haute Route - Alpine Bushtrip by Dready1906
A Tribute for Flight Simulator X: Hawaii Checkout Mission

Checkout another great Bush Trip Generator - Tool?

BushMissionGen by f99mlu

Can you include a feature to set the parking brake?

I have already implemented. However, this does not work because the sim automatically releases the parking brake when spawning, for whatever reason. You can check this with the integrated SimWatcher via the window menu.
Actually the feature is to release the parking brake because by default the parking brake is set. Compare the apron.flt and runway.flt of your selected aircraft.

You can help to change this in the sim when you create a ticket for it: https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

My sound files are no longer playing once I exit and restart the bushtrip!

This is a bug in the simulator. Up to version 1.12.13 this worked without problems, since then not anymore.

You can help to change this in the sim when you create a ticket for it: https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

Can you include output from sound files in the Events&Triggers editor as well?

This is also already programmed, but currently deactivated. The reason is that no sound files are played since sim version 1.12.13 when a bus trip was left or the sim was closed. 

You can help to change this in the sim when you create a ticket for it: https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

Can BushtripInjector also generate landing challenges?
Some fields are locked and I cannot edit them

Yes, all the information that LittleNavMap provides cannot be edited

I need help creating my trip, found a bug in the BTI, want an extension or just want to chat with the developer

You can find me on Discord at least two hours a day, usually longer. Send a friend request to BuffyGC#0939 and tell me what you're looking for.
Bug fixes and enhancements I usually implement for the next version, if they are possible and make sense. But that also depends on the effort.

I'm speaking English and German

Can I set the time for each leg individually when creating the BushTrip?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The simulator has no way to define this per leg.

The ticket with the feature request has already been created for a long time. As soon as there is a solution, I will implement it in the BushTripInjector of course.

Can I set a different weather for each leg?

Unfortunately, this is also not possible to pass to the simulator when defining a Bush Trip.
As with the times, a feature request has been made to Microsoft. As soon as the possibility is created, I will adapt the BushTripInjector accordingly.

Which Failures are working on which aircraft?

Cessna 172 | Engine 0 Failed 0%
Cessna 172 | Oilsystem 0 Failed 0%

Not Working:
Cessna 172 | Engine 0 Burn 0%
Cessna 172 | EngineFire 0 Failed 0%
Cessna 172 | EngineFire 0 Burn 0%


Deze gebruikers hebben gedoneerd aan BuffyGC om hem geweldige add-ons te laten maken waar iedereen van kan genieten.

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  • Version June 17, 2021

    FEATURE: Added 3 more languages for localization!
    Let's welcome suomi, norsk bokmål and svenska!

    USER-REQ: Show invalid triggers in another font color.
    Some uses do not see the "INVALID" statement in Events&Triggers Editor, so the invalid triggers are now written in red.

    USER-REQ: Load Aircrafts and Liveries from Official Folder
    Load all free aircrafts and liveries from Official folder. Those can be selected as aircraft in base data-sheet.

    USER-REQ: Colored markers for Departure and Destination:
    The markers in WorldMap and the Overview Image for the sim are now colored in green (departure) and red (destination).

    FEATURE: Use Flightsim.to Scenery-Objects as Landmarks
    Import the flightsim.to scenery data into the landmarks. You can select them for the landmark creation to show the POI markers on your bush trip.

    FEATURE: Use LittleNavMap UserPoints as Landmarks
    Copy your LittleNavMap Userpoints-file into the folder "UserPoints" of your BushTripInjector. With this version, you can add them as landmarks at Landmark-Sheet.
    Compatible with LittleNavMap Userpoint files (csv) for Import and Export, ie. VRP files or BushTalkRadio POIs.

    FEATURE: Select/Deselect Flightsim.to Add-Ons from Worldmap
    With the context menu it is now possible to select and deselect Flightsim.to sceneries.

    FEATURE: Implemented the possibility to delete multiple landmarks at once

    UPDATE: Adjust Altitude of Landmarks in background

  • Version June 12, 2021

    BushTripInjector integrates Scenery-Map from Flightsim.to
    Show Add-Ons of Flightsim.to on map and grid. Select your preferred add-ons and generate a template for your project page!
    Find great add-ons for Airfields and Airports, Airstrips and Smaller Airfields, Bridges, Buildings, Castles, Cities/Towns/Villages, General Scenery, Helipads, Mountains and Nature, Regional Packages and Stadiums to integrate in your Bushtrips.
    Many thanks to Flightsim.to for cooperation.

    FEATURE: Activated the AirportLandingTrigger in Events&Trigger Editor!
    Already used to enable fueling on airports, it is now unlocked for use in E&T. Refueling will be merged when generating a trip.

    FEATURE: Added the OneShotSoundAction to Events&Triggers Editor.
    Plays soundfiles one time for events. Because of the well known sim bug, they will not be played after you left a trip and re-join it.

    UPDATE: Fixed an issue in Event&Triggers Editor that activate the triggers after load, altough user deactivated them
    UPDATE: Fixed an issue with ProximityTrigger didn't detect invalid actions in some cases.
    UPDATE: Fixed a bug detecting changes on landmarks
    UPDATE: Remove some HTML Tags in TTS, when no localisation is used.
    UPDATE: Fixed an issue that prevent triggers to be included in the Xml/Spb file when they are using CountAction, ObjectActivationAction, ResetTimerAction and/or TimerAdjustAction (Koschi)

  • Version June 06, 2021

    FEATURE: Activated the AreaLandingTrigger in Events&Trigger Editor!
    Select a cube over Landmarks, Waypoints or other coordinates as a trigger and fire any action if you land there. Use the ""Paste"" button to paste coordinates from Google Maps or Bing Maps.

    FEATURE: Added the AdjustPayloadAction to Events&Triggers Editor.
    This allows you to add freight or passengers on your trip. Can be nice in combination with the AreaLandingTrigger

    FEATURE: Added the RefillAction to Events&Triggers Editor.
    I have no idea how MS/Asobo calculates with percentages, but I know, it is not how I do. Just try and test it, if you have any clue, let me know, please!

    UPDATE: Removed the Business&Marketplace Tab from Community Version of BushTripInjector.
    UPDATE: Fix for some GUI glitches in Events&Triggers Editor
    UPDATE: Optimized detection of Refueling Airports
    UPDATE: Detection of runway designator in flightplan improved

  • Version June 03, 2021

    FEATURE: Activated the ProximityTrigger in Events&Trigger Editor!
    Select a cube over Landmarks, Waypoints or other coordinates as a trigger and fire any action you want. Use the "Paste" button to paste coordinates from GoogleMaps or BingMaps.
    Attention: In Combination with TTS for Waypoints, this can lead to massive FPS dropdowns. In a future version of BushTripInjector, the TTS for Waypoints will be moved to Events&Triggers Editor.

    FEATURE: Added some SimVars to Conditional Editor and SimWatcher Window (Fuel and Payload)
    UPDATE: Play the TTS for Waypoints only once (as intended). Some players report multiple output every 10 sec, maybe a change with Sim, but cannot reproduce on development machine. Please report issues!
    UPDATE: Cleanup FLT File from unnecessary stuff
    UPDATE: SimWatcher Window saves position and size

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