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ANALOG CARAVAN - Improvement Mod

07.08.22 Update 1.27.14 - changed high idle Ng to 65%- added two optional panel color modifications (grey & black)- added first version of my checklist for the analog caravan ____________________________________________________________________________ MOD DESCRIPTION This Mod tweakes the Flight Model/Dynamcis of new ANALOG CARAVAN by Black Square to better...


07.08.22 Update 1.27.14

- changed high idle Ng to 65%
- added two optional panel color modifications (grey & black)
- added first version of my checklist for the analog caravan



This Mod tweakes the Flight Model/Dynamcis of new ANALOG CARAVAN by Black Square to better match the POH performance and fixes some minor bugs. This Mod also makes the No Pod Model (made by Parorng) available for the new ANALOG CARAVAN.

In order to use the NoPod Analog Version you still need to have the original No Pod Mod by Parorng installed - Link


Please consider Donating if you like my Mods! Making these has become very time consuming. Thanks a lot.


Please be aware, that the ANALOG CARAVAN by Black Square models the 675 HP (non EX) version of the Grand Caravan. So use the proper POH for comparison. 

If you find Cruising Speeds/Fuel Flow or Takeoff Distances during your play, that differ more then 5% from the POH values don´t hesitate to notify me (best per PM or Discord), so that I have more data. Please use weights and altitudes that can be compared to the poh (e.g. 8750 lbs & 10k ft and so).



- Flight Model - tweaked engine performance, torque on density and fuel flow to match POH performace of the 675 HP model

- Inertial Seperator now acts as Engine Anti Ice. Torque now descreases with Inertial Seperator on (without my mod, you only see a torque decrease at the gauge with version 0.1.1, but the actual torque of the engine model in the sim wouild stay unchanged, so you would not notice a performance change)

- Gauges - Torque gauge now based on Free Turbine Torque value - will spool slower

                - Ng Gauge now correctly shows low idle Ng (~52%) and high idle NG (~63 %)

                - ITT gauge now is not going abruptely to zero if fuel is cut and combustion ends

                - Fuel Flow Gauge now uses the correct Fuel Flow variable and shows the actual fuel flow



Just drag and drop the MOD folder from the ZIP into your "Community" or Addon Linker folder.

If you have any problems with the mod join me on discord
It is a german server, but me and a few others are speaking english and could probably help.


Credits - Big Thanks and credits to Nicotine70, who helped me a lot with testing the numbers. 



Der Mod passt das Flugmodel der ANALOG CARAVAN von Black Square an, so dass die Werte besser mit dem POH (Handbuch) übereinstimmen. Der Mod macht weiterhin das Model der 208B ohne Cargo Pod (gemacht von Parorng) auch für die ANALOG CARAVAN von Black Square verfügbar.Dazu muss jedoch zusätzlich dasn Original No Pod Mod von Parorng ebenfalls installiert sein -

Bitte denkt über eine kleine Spende nach, falls Euch meine Mods gefallen. Diese ganzen Mods zu erstellen ist inzwischen sehr zeitaufwendig geworden. Vielen Dank.


Bitte beachtet, dass die ANALOG CARAVAN  von Black Square die 675 PS Variante abbildet, nehmt daher das richtige POH als Referenz zur Hand.


Einfach den Ordner aus der ZIP in euer "Community" oder Addon Linker Verzeichnis kopieren.


Falls Ihr Fragen oder Probleme habet, dann kommt doch zu uns auf den Discord - discord



Kind Regards/Freundliche Grüße


Sim Update 10 0 0
Eerste release
July 27, 2022
Laatst Geupdate
2 month(s) ago — 1.27.14




15.77 MB



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  • Updated to version 1.27.14

  • Updated to version 1.27.13

  • Updated to version 1.27.10

  • Updated to version 1.27.9

  • Updated to version 1.27.6

  • Updated to version 1.27.3

  • Initial File Release


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22 Reacties


9 day(s) ago / Bedankt door JayDee

Thank's for this but compatible with SU10 ?

Hi Jaydee. How to install the black/grey panels?

Awesome mod for sure! Is there any way to change the prop textures as there are blobs on it (original no pod mod textures I assume)



2 month(s) ago / Bedankt door JayDee

hi all,

before download it, is there any problem with the GTN750 from PMS50?



2 month(s) ago / Bedankt door JayDee

Are you planning on animating the doors and windows?

What I have now noticed after 2 flights is that the "Overspeed Governor" test button on your mod does not work and the RPM does not drop slightly as indicated. With the original new version, the test button works.

But maybe that's the way it has to be, I'm just a humble home sim user.

Or it's MSFS 2020 itself, which is once again going haywire today - at least for me..... 😁



2 month(s) ago / Bedankt door JayDee

This mod paired with the no Pod and the KAP140 enhancement is an absolute blast to fly. Thanks for an awesome mod!

This mod seems to produce very high ITT at cruise. At 2000 ft with an OAT of 15 and at 1750 RPM I can barely set the torque to 1400 without reaching the ITT limit of 740, while the POH has cruise performance data up to a torque of 1970 at those conditions.



2 month(s) ago / Bedankt door JayDee

This is an awesome work. My first repaints based on your analog and Parorng´s NoPod mods are published. Thank you!



2 month(s) ago / Bedankt door JayDee

tried the first version, glad to see you fixed the fuel because FSe client wasn't happy :-p btw will test this more deeply next days ^_^ so let me know if l misunderstand, the default G1000 caravan is a 867 horsepower engine (as the EX cessna version refer to), and blacksquare did a flightmodel more nervous trying to feet the real feeling of a EX version ? despite they mentioned various time in their manual : the analog is a 675 HP motor wich is contradictory ?

PS: sent u a tip since u did a lot of work those last days with the livery mod, and this flight model fix <3 best regards

Thanks JD, Im going to try this.



2 month(s) ago / Bedankt door JayDee

Way better, thank you very much!

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  • Version 1.27.14 August 17, 2022

    - changed high idle Ng to 65%
    - added two optional panel color modifications (grey & black)
    - added first version of my checklist for the analog caravan

  • Version 1.27.13 August 05, 2022

    - fixed one small bug with propeller rpm lever beeing to sensitive with my mod
    - another pass on Torque vs. Altitude and Fuel Flow

  • Version 1.27.10 August 03, 2022

    - now compatible with version 0.1.1 of the Analog Caravan
    - added: inertial seperator now toggles engine anti-ice with actual torque decreasing

  • Version 1.27.9 August 02, 2022

    - Torque Gauge now show Free Turbine TQ, which rises slower now then the Prop RPM
    - Torque vs. Density done - appr. a max. deviation of 2% from the POH now
    - 2nd Pass on Fuel Flow done, still need some tweaking

    Big thanks and credits to Nicotine70, who helps me a lot with testing.

  • Version 1.27.6 July 31, 2022

    - merged Flight Model Mod & NoPod Compatibility Mod to one Mod "ANALOG CARAVAN Improvement Mod"
    - redone engine.cfg to get rid of the big lag on egot, if one wanted to go from low rpm to high rpm, e.g. at go around
    - first pass on fuel consumption
    - fixed/adjusted Ng Gauge to show low & high Idle Ng RPM
    - fixed/adjusted Fuel Flow Gauge to show the actual fuel flow
    - added checklist to Analog NoPod version

  • Version 1.27.3 July 28, 2022

    - fixed fuel not being used
    - removed pre-entered payload execept for pilot/copilot

  • Uitgebracht July 27, 2022

    Eerste versie van dit bestand is net uitgekomen. Welkom aan boord!

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