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Version v0.6
Eerste release November 02, 2020
Laatst Geupdate November 03, 2021
Bestandsgrootte 242.18 MB
Downloads 80,537
Status Nog niet gedownload
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Aircraft Enhancements
#Real-Life Exclusive Drag and Drop


39,755 | XIII General

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  • Version v0.6 November 03, 2021

    New engine start and cold start behaviour
    Oil pressure needs a sec or two to build up
    Engines will now windmill start
    Engine load no longer show load during startup
    Ecu test behaviour softened
    Overheat slowed down

    Added Garmin ESP (beta). This can be toggled by holding the Gear/Fire test button for 3 seconds
    Yaw damper added. Slaved to AP (no indication on G1000)
    Fixed Autopilot for SU 6 (again and again)
    Fuel transfer float switch hysteresis removed
    Anti ice gauge fixed and added quantity and endurance line
    Fixed fuel flow discrepancy between engine and Fuel(lean) page
    Yoke now moves with autopilot (only roll lol)

    Ailerons behave better in a stall
    Aileron more responsive at higher speeds
    Increased adverse yaw
    rudder and fuselage yaw and slidslip behaviour tuned
    Ground effect increased
    Suspension a little softer
    Reduced propwash on H-tail
    Increased tail incidence for easier rotation
    Reduced native roll stability
    set "modern FM only” tag in .cfg
    Icing performance degradation increased
    Added ice flutter. Above 80% icing the aircraft will flutter left and right slightly increasing with speed and icing

    Removed throttle lever squeak
    New sound file: new flap and gear sounds
    Added "500" and "Vertical track" sounds (ty jarek)
    konami code...??
    Command file for home cockpit users included

  • Version v0.5.0.2 September 26, 2021

    Fix for WT G1000NXi
    Note: Naming and order of System and Fuel page is not correct.
    Not using NXi fuel totaliser at this moment.

    Old panel.xml is still provided for those who still want to use the WT G1000 mod

  • Version v0.5.0.1 September 04, 2021

    Fixed the low engine power bug
    No longer to be fully shut down to change the deice fluid level. You just need to be on the ground

  • Version v0.5 September 03, 2021

    If you are having problems with Career plugins, check the PDF for instructions.

    Fix for NXi 0.5
    Deice fluid weight has been added (check PDF)
    NXi users can see the fluid level below the aux tanks
    Aux pumps turn off and on automatically when tanks are full or empty
    selecting unlimited fuel kills endurance and range calculations and deice fluid

    Fuel flow is more accurate at higher power settings
    Engine indications not as smooth, more closely represents the real thing.
    Fuel slosh has been added
    Engine failures based off temperature, not time
    Engines will catch fire

    Added particle effects
    Reduced landing gear clipping and fixed damage speeds
    stall behaviour softened

  • Version v0.4.5.1 August 16, 2021

    Copilot should be working again, thanks mugz <3
    "Prop Axis" CAS message only shows when the master is on.

  • Version v0.4.5 August 08, 2021

    Id like to thank asobo for breaking and having me to fix the following:
    Windshield defrost (for now its always on)
    Alternate deice switch: was inverted
    Prop governor: wont overshoot as much anymore
    ECU voters: click spots were inverted

    Partially redone electrical system:
    Fuel pumps, starters and Electric master behave 99% correctly.
    Reduced electrical load on most components.
    The text of respective indications will now change colour (systems and fuel page)
    Turning on master triggers fuel pump sound (using transfer pump sound as its not as annoying)
    Autopilot kinda sharpened a little
    Alternators and fuel valves are on when starting from cold and dark

    ECU test behaviour improved. ECU test reacts to the engine and the way its performing in the current conditions
    Slight asymmetries added in between left and right ECU test
    Slight spool up added when starting engines.
    Hot idle oil pressure not as low

    Debugging stuff:
    Added a full CAS message. I encourage you to read it if you see it...
    Added "PROP AXIS" CAS message. again, read it, please...
    Engines will shutoff when the FADEC is not running.

Vaak gestelde vragen

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"FADEC INOP" CAS message, Engines turning off

FADEC Code hasn’t loaded in. The FADEC is based on Simconnect and other simconnect mods can interfere with the FADEC. 

Additionally a livery with a seperate Panel.cfg (Xbox 01 livery for example) can stop the FADEC from being loaded in.


Check your other mods (Kenetic assist, replay mods, multiplayer mods, Liveries, etc). Try the default livery

"Incompatible Livery" CAS message and alot of other warnings.

The ModelBehaviorDefs folder isn’t being loaded in. Another mod (possibly livery) is interfering with the DA62X.

Check your community folder for other mods that might interfere with the DA62.

Try the default livery

"PROP AXIS" CAS message blinking on and off constantly

Most Joysticks will constantly send inputs to the game eventhough they are not moving. This normally happens inbetween 2 steps. This is perfectly normal behavior.


Moving your assigned propeller lever/wheel/slider to an end stop (0% or 100%) should fix it. If not, unassign/unbind the axis.

Controlling the DA62X seems sluggish, slow and heavy.

We all know how sensitive the planes are in this game. Check if you have sensitivity curve setup in your control settings. The DA62X doesn’t need a curve and it is recommended that you fly with a linear curve.

Unable to takeoff and or the plane rolls and flips uncontrollably

Only the modern flightmodel is supported.

Check that you are not using the legacy flightmodel.

Cockpit is invisible

Uwajimayas Lighting mod and MixMugs Pilot/Copilot mods are already integrated into the DA62X and are not needed. 


Remove those mods

MFD and PFD are swapped

Check if you are using any liveries or cockpit repaints or Uwajimayas lighting mod.

Can't start the engines, screens flash when pressing the starter

It could be that another mod or livery with it's own "systems.cfg" is interfering with the DA62X. 

Check your community folder for other mods that might interfere with the DA62X.

Remove Uwa's lighting mod if installed. 

Try the default livery


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These add-ons may be required or recommended to use.

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629 Reacties


3 month(s) ago

Currently the NXi is locked to “Lean” and “System” pages, where it should be “System” and “Fuel” for the diamonds. I am obviously aware of this. Whenever it’s possible to change this, it will be done. Fuel totaliser from them will also be used later

While you are here, could you please upvote this bug and raise awareness.

Thank you

Strange Flight Level Change (FLC) problem. When FLC is activated by a key binding to Toggle Autopilot Flight Level Change it does not work correctly. (Note that you also have to assign the same key to Autopilot Airspeed Hold Current - I think having to explicitly do this is a sim bug). FLC does work correctly when activated by the AP panel FLC button. But with the key bindings above, you either get a FLC value that is way off, or you get the last FLC value set by the AP panel FLC button.

--This happens with nothing in the Community folder except DA62X.

--The FLC key binding works correctly with the default DA62, and with other default a/c that use the G1000NXi.

I am using the latest DK62x mod update and the latest G1000NXi update.

This weird problem aside, I really appreciate your work on the DA62 -- many thanks.


I am not sure what I am doing wrong but the plane does not show up in my planelist, when I try to load the default DA it never stops loading. If you could give me e hint there, I would highly appreciate it.

Hi! I tried to make a flight recently, but the plane somehow does not want to accept my altitudes, altitude select knob is broken, had a similar issue with the TBM improvement mod. Anyone have the same issue lately?

Specifically, update 7 produces flickering on MFD at all zooms?

With update 7, G1000 Nxi flickers like mad in low zoom?

The increase up & down selector is other way around, meaning opposite.....hmmm

hey i saw the moveable armrest and thought it would be cool to add openable doors! could you do that? 😊

This is working for me in su7. The only issue I'm running into (far as I can tell anyway) is Working Title G1000 NXi is having some issue with loading in approaches. I'm not having the issues others are describing such as the plane not loading. I did delete all mods except for this one though, perhaps the others are running into other mods causing issues with this one.

Can confirm this mod prevents from loading into a flight in SU7, hope it can be fixed, it's a really nice addon 😊

Great Work!

When i select FLC mode (AutoPilot G1000NXI) and i try to put 89 kt as climb speed, the minimus i can get is 90... Why? The G1000 Recomend 89kt but i can't do this... Using the default aircraft i got it.

Love the upgrade! I Think a cold dark start with oxygen, alternators and fuel off would be great. Thanks for the improvement!

I don't know if the plane is the problem or the GTN750 mod I use for GPS, but every time the plane's climbing - with FLC mode - it sometimes just goes into a 2-5 second nose dive and then back up. While not the end of the world, this is certainly annoying. Is this issue known? Or is it just me who's having this problem?

Not sure if I'm doing something wrong but the ESP system doesn't seem to deactivate correctly, I need to turn it off for landings because I can't flare properly as it noses down when it senses the slow speed. The trim also stays at a high nose down level and makes recovery more difficult.

Can't get the left engine to start... The master switch just kills the whole start sequence on that engine causing the right Garmin screen to flash with each try.

Thanks so much for getting this update out!

Great job again ! Many thanks for the update

Just one minor issue (change ?)...

The yellow "AUX FUEL E" message is gone in 0.6 (WT NXi installed)

Throttles got nuked with 0.6 and unsyncable now with YourControls. The Lvar's refuse to be set and glitch to 0 under any throttle movement.

Thanks for the update! Just curious... what does the 62cockpit.txt file do? It's included in the root of the archive along with the documentation.

woa nice update

Thank you very much for the continued work on the mod! I absolutely love your work!

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