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Version 1.1b
Eerste release November 28, 2021
Laatst Geupdate December 08, 2021
Bestandsgrootte 75.60 KB
Downloads 3,209
GPS Coördinaten 40.701440, -74.020524
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17,785 | X Chief Captain

Verenigbaarheid Sim Update 7
Categorie Landscape

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  • Version 1.1b December 08, 2021

    Hotfix for V1.1
    V1.1b Release Notes:
    Do you need it?
    Yes if:
    -you installed V1.1 and you have 3rd party bridge scenery, this fixes the issue with the Rikers bridge water exclusion showing up
    -you only have V1.0
    No if:
    -you have V1.1 and you don’t have 3rd party bridge scenery

  • Version 1.1 December 07, 2021

    - Now a modular installation for those who may have scenery packs of NY and/or NJ bridges. I've removed water exclusions from under bridges in the stock file, and made those water fixes a separate file.
    - Uncovered additional areas in Staten Island, including Shooters Island, stuff around the Recycling plant, Staten Island Boat Graveyard
    - Uncovered sunken areas around Kennedy Airport
    - Fixed some inland roads throughout that were covered in water, and additional piers throughout
    - Refined some lines, did additional cleanup of trees, etc.

  • Uitgebracht November 28, 2021

    Eerste versie van dit bestand is net uitgekomen. Welkom aan boord!

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27 Reacties

Thanks for fixing really needed it. However, in testing today, I found lots of "fault" lines including a water step near the Statue of Liberty - is this an issue on my end (I have a screen shot but can't post here)?

Can you combine all into one download?



2 month(s) ago / Bedankt door mistercoffee1

Thanks for your works, now New York is one of my favorite place to fly, but there is a minor issue that I still have two Rikers Island Bridge near KLGA if NY bridges installed, I hope this can be fixed in the future

CTD with SamScene New York, RKBridgers New York for sure

For some reason the Holland tunnel is still exposed. I have disabled my addons SamScene and NY Bridges. The Tunnel runs two lanes right across the river immersion breaker for sure. As I fly down the river north to south I can sill see lines that go away as I approach but the Holland tunnel sticks out like a sore thumb and is totally exposed. I wonder what this could be?



2 month(s) ago / Bedankt door mistercoffee1

I have the SamScene New York, RKBridgers New York and Newark packs. While there are no conflicts per se, I do think that some polygon exclusion around the bridges can reveal the 2d bridge image more readily underneath the mod bridges. This takes some of the immersion and negates the reason for getting bridge mod(s) in the first place. I will do more testing as I did a cursory fly around with and without along the Harlem river. Otherwise there are no conflicts exactly that I found and I really like everything else to do with the mod. Another version for people with the RKBridgers NY/Newark bridges mod would perhaps be ideal. Time to do more flying and really see what's what - there's a preliminary update.



2 month(s) ago / Bedankt door mistercoffee1

This looks great! Thanks for all the waterfix mods. You seem to make them for all the general areas I do the vast majority of my flying so I really appreciate your efforts. Keep it up - you have a fan in me 😊

I have SamScene NYC and RKBridger's scenery packs witll this mod be ok? I will try it.

Any known conflicts with RKBridger's payware Newark or NY Bridges/Ports or NY Landmarks freeware from this site?

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