SWITZERLAND 20m DEM - High Resolution Terrain Elevation Data from LIDAR Imaging

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Experience Switzerland!

This mod contains customized height profiles for Switzerland. The mod contains high definition LIDAR DEM data with a mesh resolution of 20m, whereas the MSFS uses a lateral resolution of about 50m or worse. The height resolution is as good as 0.1m. 
The mod does not only provide mountain shapes being very close to reality, but also flattens lakes & rivers and gets rid of any terrain artifacts.

Update 1.2:
Additionally included are 3 extreme LIDAR meshes with a resolution of 1m for Matterhorn, 2m for Jungrau-Aletsch region and 2m Säntis.
If you suffer any major stutters or problems, simply delete these 3 folders!


Disclaimer: The creator of this mod is not responsible for any problems, damage, incompatibilites to other mods or performance issues that might occur. 
Please note, that this mod is a very high resolution mesh covering the whole of Switzerland. The elevation data is applied through terraforming rectangles, thus loaded at a certain distance from the player. When travelling fast or at high alitude (wide range of view) there might be too many new rectangles loaded simultaneously and thus stutters might occur. 

If you have any stutters you can try and reduce your ingame render settings or uninstall!
If you are mainly flying airliners in high altitude, there is probably no benefit for you in using this mod. 

Affected Sceneries

As it stands, the famous Matterhorn mountain, is extremely realistic on the Swiss side, but has bumps on the Italian side. I hope you will excuse this glitch for the time being.
Please report any bugs with sceneries or airports and I will see what I can do! 
If you use the Austria DEM as well, you can rename the folder "troglodytus-demswitzerland..." into "aaa-troglodytus-demswitzerland". This way in overlapping regions the higher quality Austrian mesh will be used.


The elevation data used was a LIDAR 20m height profile of Switzerland compiled by Sonny (http://data.opendataportal.at/dataset/a949dd6f-9f19-4727-872c-b70d35adb550)
It was then transfered into MSFS using MSFS Toolkit by Nool Aerosystems (https://msfs.nool.ee/)
Thank you both and for anyone reading this: Please go ahead and support them!


Enjoy your VFR flights above Switzerland!

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  • Version 1.2 May 20, 2021

    Changes v1.2:

    * Repaired Zurich Photogrammetry issue
    * Excluded Zermatt Helipad
    * Repaired Matterhorn

    There are now 3 additional files:
    * Matterhorn (1m DEM Swiss side, 5m DEM Italian side)
    * Eiger-Mönch-Jungfrau + Lauberhorn/Wengen (2m DEM)
    * Säntis (2m DEM)

    If you experience any stutters or problems, just uninstall these additional files!

  • Version 1.1 May 19, 2021

    Changes v1.1:

    Fixed various issues and incompatibilities with 3rd party addons:
    * Excluded Zurich Photogrammetry and LSZH - Should look fine now
    * Excluded LSZS Samedan
    * Excluded LSZA Lugano
    * Excluded LSZL Locarno
    * Excluded LSZW Thun
    * Excluded LSGG Geneve

    * Included an extreme LIDAR Mesh of 1m resolution for Matterhorn!
    Unfortunately this does only solve issues on the Swiss side, there is still a bump on the italian side.

  • Uitgebracht May 17, 2021

    Eerste versie van dit bestand is net uitgekomen. Welkom aan boord!

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