[LOIR] - Reutte-Höfen Airport, Austria

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Version 0.8
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Visit Innsbruck & Neuschwanstein Castle!
Reutte is a private use airport located near Höfen, Tyrol, Austria.
Due to its location, this airfield is the perfect base for flights to Neuschwanstein Castle (just a 2 minute flight away), Innsbruck, the Alps & beyond. The airport is also used for gliding operations in the mountains and obtains a glider club.

This project was created in collaboration with "Littlekrg". Please head over to his profile and support his work. Thank you!


ICAO:               LOIR
Elevation:         2807 ft / 855 m
Frequencies:    122.405 Tower
Runways:          04/22 679 x 18 m Asphalt


  • Handcrafted buildings of all airport facilities using optimized high res PBR materials
  • Handcrafted models of all surrounding buildings visible from the airport (including industrial park, eventhall, Gemeindeamt, a restaurant and a hydroelectric plant)
  • Handcrafted models of Ehrenberg castle, Highline 179, a water powerplant & all surrounding industries
  • Handcrafted models of Sennerland restaurant & Gemeindeamt
  • Custom runway + taxiways with correct naming & textures matching reality as close as possible
  • Correct ground markings and lines
  • Realistic night lighting
  • Corrected comm. frequencies
  • Custom simObject: "Wind Tee" indicating landing direction
  • Custom simObject: Info panel on tower, dynamically showing the current RWY in use (05 / 23 magnetic direction)
  • Water masking on Lech River, revealing some beautiful sand banks
  • Many ground objects to make airport more lively ...

How to install?
Simply drag the unzipped "littlekrg-troglodytus-airport-loir-reutte" folder into your community folder! Please make sure to also install "Mikea's AssetPack" to get all extra details on ground!

Enjoy your flights!

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  • Version 0.8 May 04, 2021

    Small Update
    Changes v0.8:

    * Resolved a texture glitch - Fire Extinguishers are no longer a white cube
    * Added street lamps and better night lighting all around
    * Optimized a height/terraforming issue, the drop in the taxiway is gone
    * Added more ground textures on taxiways, service roads and aprons for more realism

  • Uitgebracht April 30, 2021

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