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Version 1.0.3
Eerste release April 19, 2021
Laatst Geupdate May 11, 2021
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Vertigo likes to go fast, low and kick some dust. Inspired by Mike Patey's "Turbulence", she has the same blood running through her veins: the legendary PT6A 850HP turbine engine. Add to that a 6 bladed constant speed prop plus a composite airframe and you've got a competitive racer.

Note: disable Auto Rudder (Assistance menu) as it causes tail-wagging in-flight and odd steering behavior on the ground.

Vertigo runs on jet fuel, holds a world record-breaking 380kts top speed (single engine turbo prop), can climb at 8000fpm and rolls at 150 degrees per second.
She can go vertical right after take-off and still accelerate. Or cruise great distances in comfort and style. 

At her core you'll find a heavily retrofitted JMB VL-3, an ultralight and fully composite experimental aircraft able to withstand g-forces of +15/-8. 

Pilot, fasten your harness. And welcome to the world of Vertigo!

  • Pratt & Whitney 850HP PT6A-42a turbine
  • 6-bladed 6-foot constant speed composite MT propeller
  • 16 professionally designed sporty liveries and interiors
  • 31,000ft service ceiling
  • 1200nm range at 320kts
  • Upgraded tanks (2 x 50 gallons)
  • Upgraded VL-3 fuel selector: now also has "Both" besides Left, Right and Off
  • Pressurized cabin
  • Upgraded suspension and brakes 
  • Powerful flaps able to serve as speed brakes too
  • Fantastic ground handling
  • Windshield de-icing
  • Fully simulated electrical system

If you have the WT G3X mod you will also get:

  • Automatic Flight Control System (Autopilot)
  • Automated Pitot Heat

Vertigo comes with 100% carefully crafted custom lights: a powerful volumetric main landing light, 6 cool landing spots on the wings, 3 double strobe lights, navigation lights and stylish NVFR cockpit lighting. All her cameras have been redone as well be it Quickviews, Instrument views or External views. The VR camera too has been optimized for the most immersive experience possible.

In addition, several hundred hours have gone into developing and testing her flight model, which has been created from scratch. JMB factory data has been used to create the most accurate geometric model possible, verified and complemented by virtual wind tunnel results.



Enjoying this speed beast? Vertigo is free and always will be, however creating a mod like this takes a lot of love, time and effort. Any donation will go a long way in supporting my work and will be much appreciated..





Join our vibrant community of fun-loving aviators (2000 members):

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Vertigo is the airplane we use for our frequently hosted air races at Reno Stead. The entire event is organized from the Got Gravel Discord Server (link above). Head over to the reno-air-race channel in the Events & Plans category for the latest scheduled event and other useful information.
See you on the racing track!



Vertigo comes with 3 beautiful weather presets:

  • Vertigo Racing
  • Vertigo Windy
  • Vertigo Rainy



  • Delete older versions of the Vertigo mod, if any.
  • Extract the ZIP file.
  • Drag the folder named gotgravel-vertigo directly into the Community folder.
  • Restart the sim.

You'll find Vertigo in your hangar next to the default VL-3.

If done correctly, your folder structure should look like this:


How to find the Community folder?

If you changed the default location of packages, it’s the simplest because you should find a Community sub folder in it.

For Steam, it should be located in C:\Users\ [Computer Name]\ AppData\ Local\ Packages\  Microsoft.FlightDashboard_8wekyb3d8bbwe\ LocalCache\ Packages\ Community

For Windows Store C:\Users\ [Computer Name]\ AppData\ Local\ Packages\ Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\ LocalCache\ Packages\ Community



Vertigo comes with a full set of custom interactive MSFS checklists, but here are the essentials to get you in the air and back again.

Engine Start

  • Master Switch > ON
  • Avionics Switch > ON
  • Strobe Lights > ON
  • Engine Key > Start
  • Wait for engine NG 20%
  • Throttle > Idle
  • Parking brake > ON
  • Trim > Neutral
  • Fuel Valve > Left (L), Right (R) or Both (B)
  • Turbine Ignition > ON then OFF
  • Wait for engine NG 50%
  • Landing Lights > ON as appropriate


  • Flaps > 1
  • Throttle > About 30% torque
  • Rotate at 50kts
  • Retract gear before 140kts
  • Retract flaps before 180kts
  • Punch it and go vertical


  • Fuel Valve > Alternate Left (L) / Right (R) every 15 minutes unless Both (B) is selected


  • Flaps 2 or 3
  • Aim for about 70kts before touch down

Engine Shutdown

  • Fuel Valve > Close (0)
  • Avionics Switch > OFF
  • Master Switch > OFF



The Reno Air Races mod

The WT G3X mod

Note: required for access to the Autopilot and automated Pitot Heat



I have multiple threads on various flight sim forums and websites (including this one) and it is not possible for me to respond to queries on all of them.

Support is therefor exclusively provided from the Got Gravel Discord Server (https://discord.gg/4f3j4YgNm4) through the "FAQ" and "Support" channels inside the "Information" category.

The FAQ especially is a treasure cove of information covering about 95% of all questions I have seen to date. There is also a button "Frequently Asked" near the top of this page which contains the same useful FAQ.



  • Synthetic Vision is not working with the Working Title G3X mod. Working Title is hoping to fix this. Not a Vertigo bug and out of my control.
  • On rare occasions one or both Garmins do not power on. A known MSFS bug. Need to restart the flight. Not a Vertigo bug and out of my control.
  • Master Switch does not affect some basic cockpit systems. Same thing happens in the default VL3. To be resolved.



A very special thanks to the countless test-pilots who have been involved with the Vertigo closed and open beta programme. She would not have been the same without you!

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Does Vertigo exist in real life?

Yes and no. But mostly yes. It's a heavily modded JMB VL-3 with a retrofitted 850HP turbine. A six-bladed constant speed prop has been installed. That has not been done in real life yet with the VL-3. However it has been done in the Lancair (a very similar aircraft) by Mike Patey. He created "Turbulence" - the fastest single-engine turbo prop in the world - after which Vertigo is modelled. Vertigo has been given the same engine, top speed and climb rate.

I want to know my v-speeds.

Check out the performance placard on the dashboard (above the MFD).

What's Vertigo's range?

She easily does 1200nm at 320kts cruise at FL100 or so.

How do I start the engine?

Use the build-in checklist in MSFS, it will guide you through all steps. You can of course also do an autostart (CTRL-E by default) or start hot on the runway.

Take-off is so powerful!

Vertigo is ridiculously overpowered. You only need 25 to 30% for her take-off roll. Also remember to set elevator trim to neutral.

Wagging tail or strange rudder behaviour?

Disable Auto Rudder, does more harm than good in the air and on the ground.

Weird flight model behaviour?

Make sure your flight model is set to "Modern" and not "Legacy".

I can't find the Community Folder.

Carefully read the Installation Instructions.

I have an issue with my Garmin.

The G3X Garmin comes with Vertigo as-is. Kindly contact the owner of the Garmin you have (the default MSFS or Working Title version most likely) for any support issues or feature requests.

Synthetic Vision on my G3X Garmin is not working.

A known issue with the Working Title G3X Garmin (works with some planes but not others...still a WT problem).

Is there an autopilot?
Is there windshield deicing?

Yes, pull the lever above the fuel selector.

Why is the propeller controller disabled?

The propeller controller has been disconnected because it is not needed Vertigo's turbo prop operations.

On rare occasions one or both Garmins do not power on

A known MSFS bug. Need to restart the flight. Not a Vertigo bug and out of my control.

Master Switch does not affect some basic cockpit systems

Same thing happens in the default VL3. To be resolved.

Synthetic Vision is not working with the Working Title G3X mod

Working Title is hoping to fix this. Not a Vertigo bug and out of my control.

Is there Pitot Heat?


Deze gebruikers hebben gedoneerd aan GotGravel om hem geweldige add-ons te laten maken waar iedereen van kan genieten.

Pittig leeg hier.

  • Version 1.0.3 May 11, 2021

    - "Generation 2" Flight Model (smooth ground control, zero tail-wagging, epic roll-rates and more)
    - Fixed the US Coast Guard (USCG) livery conflict with Grravel
    - Fixed "Level of Detail" drawing distances for the external model
    - Improved throttle lever usability range giving you finer throttle control

    Note on the "Generation 2" Flight Model. I have been working hard on another aircraft, the aerobatic Gee Bee R3. Developing this has certainly pushed the limits of what the MSFS Flight Model can do and has taught me more than Carbon, Grravel and Vertigo combined. Hence I have redeveloped Vertigo's Flight Model entirely from scratch putting in all the lessons learned so far. Enjoy the new flight experience!

  • Version 1.0.2 May 05, 2021

    - 2 New liveries: 54 Cyclone and US Coast Guard!
    - Tweaked steering wheel sensitivity a bit
    - Adjusted rudder sensitivity at taxi speeds by a fair bit, less twitchy
    - Less sensitive elevator at all speeds
    - Slightly increased roll rate at top speeds
    - Removed external 3D model LOD 5 as it missed wings
    - Other "tiny" flight model refinements

    Enjoy guys, overall easier to control on the ground, however, you would still need to respect the huge amount of power. No matter what, prop wash coming from 850HP spinning 6 blades will make the rudder highly responsive, as it should. Take-off with 25 to 30% torque and it's super smooth.

    Retract gear before 140kts or you may damage it.

  • Version 1.0.1 April 28, 2021

    - GForce gauge added to the Garmin's systems panel
    - Oil temperature and pressure gauges added
    - Travel in style with the first 3 "touring" liveries: Luxor, Dorado and Matador
    - 1 New totally awesome racing livery: 53 Blade
    - Landing light beam tweaked to be even more authentic (brightness, beam, volumetric intensity, color)
    - Taxi lights added (left + right throw), gated to Landing Light switch
    - All external white lights changed to Aviation-White.
    - Low fuel light (left / right) warning changed from 2 gal to 10 gal
    - Flap 2 changed from 37 to 38 degrees (matches tooltip)
    - More Yaw momentum to counter weathervaning, crosswind and tail wagging
    - Updated seats for all liveries

  • Uitgebracht April 19, 2021

    Eerste versie van dit bestand is net uitgekomen. Welkom aan boord!

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