ALLInOne C172 G1000/Classic/BushKit/TailWheel Template

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Version 1.8
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MultiPack C172 G1000/Classic/BushKit/TailWheel Template

UpDate:  NEW added the BushKit & TailWheel Classic versions by Bagolu
Six liveries for the price of one.
Added the wonerfull BushKit & TailWheel version (G1000 & Classic) by bagolu, found here
And the TailWheel version - Great job bagolu

A single c172 livery template that supports both Asobo varients and now all Four of bagolu's versions.
This addon is configured to work with the Default C172 G1000 And the C172 Classic Plus the BushKit (G1000 & Classic) & the TailWheel (G1000 & Classic) varient.
Using the same format and structure I use with xcubs and savage cubs (thanks to the great guys at BushLeagueLegends for coming up with this structure/method).
One shared texture folder with seperate livery folders per varient, so you can still add specific files to one varient while using the base textures for all versions.
You must own the Classic for that to show, it will still work for the G1000 withot owning/having the Classic installed.
Same with the varients, if they are not installed they wont show, but any version  that is installed will show.

This is a basic paint template, not a livery
The folders & config files need editing, it will work as is but it uses template naming that would
1) look silly and not show any true livery name in the hanger
2) conflict if more than one 'template' livery is installed

I added some dubious instructions on editing the files and folders for naming

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Deze gebruikers hebben gedoneerd aan EzRyder om hem geweldige add-ons te laten maken waar iedereen van kan genieten.

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  • Version 1.8 April 21, 2021

    added the TailWheel Classic template and edited the TailWheel G1000 template to match the new names

  • Version 1.7 April 20, 2021

    added the BushKit Classic template and edited the Bushkit G1000 template to match the new names

  • Version 1.6 April 18, 2021

    Added the new TailWjheel varient by bagolu

    edit: added the thumbs i had forgotten to update

  • Version 1.5 April 16, 2021

    Added these 2 lines i forgot in the Classic aircraft.cfg
    isAirTraffic = 0 ; Is the plane usable for air traffic
    isUserSelectable = 1 ; Is the plane selectable by the user
    i dont think it would hurt without them but they should be included

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