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Version 0.6.6
Eerste release April 07, 2021
Laatst Geupdate May 02, 2021
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#Real-Life #Airliner Exclusive Drag and Drop

* Please DELETE the old version everytime before installing a new version, and read the FAQs before raising a complaint or question *

This is a total remake of ATR72 for FSX by Virtualcol, which was released as payware initially. Animations and flight dynamics have been reproduced from scratch, ground interactions have been added, and all the lights have been made working. It can be cosidered a native FS2020 aircraft rather than just a converted model, and no more "_CVT_" folder would be generated.

The adaptation of the mod is done under formal permission from Virtualcol FS Software®:

FS2020 converted version initially done by Capt22
Youtube (Channel:MultiGamer 0822) / Discord
The old version by him can still be downloaded here in case you need. There are several breaking changes for liveries, but you can convert them using the converter provided in the download page. (NO GUARANTEE for successful conversion). You can still use the paintkit from virtualcol for creating new textures, but the file extensions have been changed from ".dds" to ".png.dds"

Thanks to marajin for helping to improve the flight dynamics.

As MS already announced that there will be a new payware ATR series released next year, I was thinking about the future of this mod. I've decided to put the codes (without 3D models and textures for copyright restrictions) for this mod to be managed by GitHub, which allow all of you to submit your improvements, but you are advised to have test flights in challenging airports like Paro and Toncontin to prove the performance of your modifications. Here are the repositories of the mod and the converter:

* I don't have a VR device to fix any problems related to views on VR, any help is appreciated *

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How to manually convert the liveries?

In case the converter failed to convert your liveries, do the following steps:

  • Navigate to model.cfg, replace the content with the following:



  • Naviagte to texture.cfg, replace the content with the following:



  • Check if the extension all the texture files have been changed from ".dds" to ".png.dds"
  • Check if these 4 additional files have been added in the texture folder:
    If these are not being generated, just copy from those ATR liveries made by me
  • Navigate to the aircraft.cfg, find the following entries:
    base_container = "..\atr725"
    Then replace with the following:
    base_container = "..\atr726"
  • Update the file layout.json using MSFSLayoutGenerator:
How to fix if I failed to see the texture of the cockpit?

Naviagte to texture.cfg, replace the content with the following:



How to use the converter to convert the liveries?

The converter could be found in the download page of this mod.

Upon running the converter, you may see there is only one button in the convert, which ask you to choose the TOP LEVEL FOLDER containing the liveries.

Afterwards, there will be 2 new buttons appeared: "Change Directory" and "Confirm Conversion". If you're sure you've selected the correct folder, then click "Confirm Conversion", otherwise you can choose "Change Directory", then you will be asked to choose another livery folder again.

Why using the KingAir cockpit instead of CJ4?

It is chosen as the cockpit for the new version over CJ4 because it works better with turboprop aircraft. However, in this moment I should admit that we don't have enough resource and know-how for making a custom cockpit. It is far more complicated than those for FSX or before.

Using the cockpit of KingAir instead of CJ4 is a difficult decision, but CJ4 is just a different kind of aircraft from ATR, and the cockpit of CJ4 have no control on what a turboprop have, such as mixture and propeller pitch control. In terms of visual similarity and complexity, an Airbus cockpit would be more similar to ATR, which ATR is a joint venture that Airbus participates. For a fully functional multi-engine turboprop, KingAir is the only choice for all versions of FS2020.

The aircraft lost electricity after several minutes

For those who have hardware throttle panel installed, you should put the engine switch to "OFF" BEFORE a cold and dark start to prevent the starter from being unable to switch off, otherwise the battery will be drained off in several minutes. This is a bug of the Kingair panel.

What are the main differences between a converted FSX aircraft and a native FS2020 aircraft?

A converted one still use the legacy .MDL format for 3D models and .AIR format for aerodynamics. These formats have been replaced by GLTF for 3D models and those parameters in the .AIR file have been migrated into different CFGs. However FS2020 somehow keeps the backward compatibility for these legacy formats, this is how a converted aircraft works.

How to open the rear exit door?

In FS2020, the doors of aircraft need a connection with ground vehicles or jetway to let it open, in the case of ATR the rear exit would be opened at the same time with baggage door upon requesting baggage services from ground frequencies, if there is one.

I don't see the exterior of the aircraft when I look outside from the cockpit

The exterior of the aircraft is hidden in cockpit view for purpose. The position and the window shapes are different between a KingAir cockpit and ATR. If the exterior is turn on, you will find yourself sitting inside the passenger cabin. It is a limitation of this mod.


Deze gebruikers hebben gedoneerd aan kychungdotcom om hem geweldige add-ons te laten maken waar iedereen van kan genieten.

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  • Version 0.6.6 May 02, 2021

    Added ATR42 AI traffic dummy aircraft (no exterior difference)
    Fixed flap behavior, thanks to @charles703 for contribution

  • Version 0.6.5 April 22, 2021

  • Version 0.6.4 April 17, 2021

    Corrected texture mapping on flaps.
    Adjusted spoileron animations.
    VR camera settings added.
    The problem of elevator trim being locked when starting the game airborne is fixed .

  • Version 0.6.3 April 12, 2021

    Adjustment in flight dynamics.
    Texture problem of cockpit being fixed.
    Now you can see the pilots sitting in the cockpit from outside.

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