United States Exclusive Drag and Drop

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Version 3.2
Eerste release October 02, 2020
Laatst Geupdate December 02, 2021
Bestandsgrootte 106.10 MB
Downloads 9,726
GPS Coördinaten 47.913141, -122.279913
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86,295 | XIII General

Verenigbaarheid Sim Update 7
Categorie Regional Airports

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  • Version 3.2 December 02, 2021

    Removed static 787s due to texture loading issue since SU6
    Added library asset items throughout the scenery
    Added wind influenced animated flags

  • Version 3.1 February 04, 2021

    Added Boeing airstairs
    Fixed scaling issues with a couple of model assets

  • Version 3.0 January 19, 2021

    Added Dreamlifter Operations Center
    Added Future of Flight Museum blender model
    Added static Dreamlifter (LCF)

  • Version 2.91 January 17, 2021

    Fixed textures on static airplanes on Boeing Flightline

  • Version 2.9 January 15, 2021

    Added airport fire station

  • Version 2.8 January 01, 2021

    Added hand modeled ATS facilities
    Replaced Boeing doghouse model with 2 high detail versions
    Added Regal Air office building
    Revised tower model to add more detail
    Revised terminal model to add more detail
    Added details around terminal
    Removed the AI generated blocky trees around the field perimeter
    Revised fencing

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58 Reacties

This is a well-done scenery and is an accurate one since I usually fly around PAE in real life. However, one issue I have is that whenever I am doing an approach or landing, the runway and taxi lights are floating above the runway and taxiways, making it very odd as I am landing at night. The same issue happens in the RNT scenery. Is there a fix you know of, or is it an add-on I might have installed?

Thank you.



2 month(s) ago / Bedankt door FreakyD

Beautiful work! A well earned "5" from me. We plan to set sail on a cruise from Seattle to Alaska next June and I am starting to explore that area in MSFS. This will be a great base to work from. Oh but do I wish though that someone would model some open hangars. MSFS airports look so lifeless with all of them closed up!

The airport scenery is magnificent, but the addition of static aircraft in the parking spots is not a good idea. Spawning somewhere and you end up inside another plane. Parked aircraft are a job for the AI system and not part of scenery. At least pls give an option to exclude them. Thanks!

This is awesome! Love the details and the LCF!

One small thing: could you please remove the ANA and Emirates static plane parked at the two gates connected to the terminal? IRL only these two gates are serving passengers and it is kinda annoying to spawn at these two spots now since the player's plane will overlap with the static plane.

Superb representation of Everett - excellent

This is compatible with SU5 and HF# 2 it works and it is nice to have...Thank you!

Is this compatible with Drzewiecki designs Seattle landmarks?

Wow, awesome! Thx for your work! I really like it! It looks great!

Love, love this airfield. I fly in and out (mostly out) of here all the time. My only complaint, if it even qualifies as that, is that you have to be careful where you park, because the static airplanes don't disappear if you decide you want their spot!

Is it possible to make them go bye-bye if you pick their slot? Or if not, can you at least publish which spots/gates are available for use without co-occupying the space with a static plane?

Other than that, like I said, I love it, very professionally done. Could be released as payware and get good ratings even with that level of scrutiny.

I also second the request for KBFI, and I'm looking for a volunteer to do KTTD, where I was once based. I'd do it myself but I have zero clue how to do so!

Great job overall! It would be 5 stars instead of 4.5 if not for the parking issue...

After the last MS update I experienced a strange treshold of about 3 or 4 feet deep just behind the blast fence parallel at Rwy 16R-34L. If I taxi toe 16R the plane falls down. Strange effect. Has that to do with the update or is it something in my PC?

Thanks for your great work on this mod! Any chance you could do the same for Boeing Field in the future? That is going to be my home airport for training and looking forward to eventually seeing it in full detail!
Thank you for enhancing the airport. This is my home airport and I teach and fly out of here. So it's fun to experience it in the Sim.
The models are really good looking and I appreciate all the work that has gone into this. I do wish it wasn't sat on top of the default parking which plops AI aircraft right inside the passenger terminal. I would be really happy to see the parking redone and maybe moving jetways here. With those changes this is basically payware quality.
Thanks for this very detailed mod.
As technical inspector for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines I have been there many times in the years 80 and 90 and a few times for long periods, away from home in the Netherlands.
Although you are still working this mod it is so realisticly and detailed that it is fun to taxi around and see all the well known places, with exeption of the Delivery Centre which was another building then, without gates or piers.
May I suggest some to the success of this mod.
Please install the bridge between the flight line an the factory. At this moment, there is only a kind of inprint of it flat on the crossing freeway under it. A detail here is that the fence elements on both sides of the bridge must be lowered any time a factory ready aircraft crosses from the factory to the paint hangars.
Another item is a builing behind the 5 linked factory building. It looks like this building is made of wrinkled paper.
That's it for now.
Once again, good work.
I love this scenery, been flying KPAE - KBFI for a while now. Thank you for all your efforts and hard work.
Love your mods - thank you so much for your hard work.

Most of the mods I download show up as yellow stars on my world map once I have installed them, I fine it really convenient when picking places to fly. Any chance you can add them? Or is there a way I can do it in sim? No biggie if not. Thanks again.
Expectacular job. Congratulations.
Very nice work. I did find a 737 Max being birthed out of a 777? down the parking line backing onto the taxiway.
Great work. Love this field
Love this! Any chance of adding the Flying Heritage and Combat Armor Museum? Watched so many awesome airshows from there. (Days which may be over thanks to the greed of post-Paul Allen Vulcan Ventures, alas.)

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