Simple fix to re-open all closed runways if needed at default airports. (removes yellow crosses)

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#Real-Life Exclusive Drag and Drop

I made a request for this and while I was tinkering with texture files within the main asobo directory,  I did find the yellow color that fills in closed runway X marks.

Here is just a simple mod if you have OCD and your desired journey will deal with open runways that still got closed marks on them and this mod removes the marks and re-opens the runway.

The downside is,  apparently other runway related yellow colored items are removed,  so far I only see it removing yellow chevrons at ends of some runways  (you just see the faded outline of the chevrons or some white painted ones).   but all yellow lines on taxi side and aprons work including those that enter into the runway and the yellow hash marks on sides of some runways is untouched.

I just simply drop it in the community folder when I am gonna be flying to certain airports such as Harare and some Chinese airports recently, where the only runway even being active with ILS and all lights exists happens to be full of annoying yellow crosses upon arrival or takeoff.

Some closed runways or even open ones with certain closed taxiways may show taxiway closed cross marks, but that feeds off taxiway yellow, so I do not think its a big deal because the crosses are tiny on "closed" taxiways vs the large ones on a runway.

This may conflict or not even work if you perhaps have some other runway texture enhancement mods.


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