For Aerosoft CRJ-700

Created from scratch in 8k using Substance Painter & Photoshop & resampled to 4k (Diminishing returns using 8k thx to highly optimized UV maps / Textures) Scandinavian Airlines currently operates CRJ-900 , so here's the 700 version while we wait for the 900/1000 expansion!

  • Handpainted & 3D Painted to high fidelity representation of the real SAS CRJ planes.
  • Colormatched with SAS Colors.
  • Custom PBR Roughness & Metallic maps for a unique & realistic surface finish.
  • Metallic SAS logo.
  • Use of high-resolution decals modified for SAS fleet.
  • Custom Scandinavian flag decals and placement to match SAS CRJ's
  • Modified cabin to match SAS CRJ seats.



Simply drag the aerosoft-crj-700_SAS_New folder from inside the compressed file into your Community folder.


Also, make sure to check out my other SAS livery for the CRJ-700, the "Old" pre-2019 style, which is alread becoming a classic!:



Jonas Grinde